OT: Tigers, 8/25

Submitted by ckersh74 on August 25th, 2009 at 10:17 PM

I apologize if I'm stepping on someone's toes by starting this. If I have, please say so and it won't happen again. I promise not to post-whore here, either.

1-0 after 1/2 inning following Cabrera's RBI groundout. Two causes for concern here. One, it's usually trouble when the Tigers only get 1 in the first. That seems to be all they get all night when that happens.

Two, Aubrey Huff has been nothing better than steamed shit on moldy rice since his arrival. With Clete hitting in front of Cabrera (usually, lately) and Huff hitting afterwards, it's a miracle that Cabrera doesn't have about 150 walks and only about 45 RBI. There's not much reason to pitch to him, yet teams still continue to do so.



August 26th, 2009 at 9:06 AM ^

Sommy, I'm starting to hate this. FACTS:

Todd Jones Fair ERA (they it counts unearned runs, balances park effects, and adjusts for the quality of the defense behind him, further, for relievers, it dings them when they allow inherited runners to score - something that doesn't impact their own ERA) in his 3 last years as Tigers Closer:

2006: 4.35
2007: 4.18
2008: 5.39

Rodney's Fair ERA this year: 3.58.

Further, if you like conventional stats, Rodney has a 3.42 ERA and a 1.27 ERA.

Todd Jones ERA and WHIP in his last 3 years:

2006: 3.94 ERA, 1.27 WHIP
2007: 4.26 ERA, 1.43 WHIP
2008: 4.97 ERA, 1.62 WHIP

As a matter of fact, the last time Todd Jones had a season as good as Rodney is having was 1997.

Stop beating the Todd Jones drum, because there is not a single quantifiable measure you can point to in order to claim Jones was better.


August 26th, 2009 at 3:46 PM ^

FACT 1: Todd Jones likes born-again Christian Rock. Rodney eats rocks and born-agains for breakfast.

FACT 2: Todd Jones strikes out batters because he only throws strikes. Rodney strikes people out because even he doesn't know where the ball is going (incidentally, this is also the reason both pitchers scare the bejeezus out of people).

FACT 3: Rodney doesn't write a column for the Free Press complaining about bad fans who boo the closer. Todd Jones does. Er, did.