OT: Tigers, 8/25

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I apologize if I'm stepping on someone's toes by starting this. If I have, please say so and it won't happen again. I promise not to post-whore here, either.

1-0 after 1/2 inning following Cabrera's RBI groundout. Two causes for concern here. One, it's usually trouble when the Tigers only get 1 in the first. That seems to be all they get all night when that happens.

Two, Aubrey Huff has been nothing better than steamed shit on moldy rice since his arrival. With Clete hitting in front of Cabrera (usually, lately) and Huff hitting afterwards, it's a miracle that Cabrera doesn't have about 150 walks and only about 45 RBI. There's not much reason to pitch to him, yet teams still continue to do so.



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Does anyone know of a "Mags Count" somewhere on the interwebs? I can't help but think "how many more" each time he steps to the plate.

By my count he's at 393 PAs before tonight. Last I heard he needed 80 PAs?


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You may not be able to make that statement again.

Following Huff's first at bat tonight, he is 2-21 as a Tiger, good for .095. Dane Sardinha is telling him to get his shit together.


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He's going to get his plate appearances. It's just a matter of time. Barring a massive catastrophe, they can't, in good conscience or good faith, hold him out enough for his options not to kick in. They'd cause a bigger mess than the one they're trying to clean up.


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Ok, found some stats.

He's at 1018 PAs over the last two years. He needs to get to 1080 for the option to kick in.

So, if my mathematical skills are correct, Mags has 62 PAs left before it kicks in.

That would be about 15 games.

He's not going to get them.


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He's barely playing now - only against lefties. He's always lifted for a defensive sub. The moment the Tigers seal up the division (knock on wood) he's shut down for the regular season. It'll be really close, but I would think the only way he gets them is if the season ending series against Chicago is for the playoffs and he's gotten enough prior to that series.

We'll see, I guess. I really feel bad for Mags, but the Tigers can't afford that contract.


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For some reason just realized that Lackey is, in fact, not left-handed.

I have no idea what Leyland's plan is anymore to disguise the fact that Mag's isn't playing every day when he should be... I guess he's just looking at this as an important game? Or maybe Clete has just sucked so bad that JL can't justify not giving him a day off.


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Interesting to see Avila starting over Laird today, supposedly he would only catch Porcello and Galarraga?

I guess that's what happens when you're only hitting .230 and you chew out the franchise player on national tv....


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38 games. If we play a lefty once every 3ish games, that means Mags is in for only 12ish of those games. I think it'll be close. If Chicago continues to suck, it may not be that close, though.


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Washburn is getting smoked again.

Seriously, this is really frustrating watching him pitch and realizing all the comments of "he's been lucky all year" that I thought were stupid may actually have held merit.

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no worries man. The Twins are one of those teams that will always be there until the end, regardless of talent or injuries. I really don't like that team so I'm always watching out for them. They've been fortunate to split with Texas, sweep KC, and win tonight. In fact, they probably should still be 6.5 back, but they were able to come back from 3, 4, 5 run deficits in those games. What can you do.

I wonder what our resident White Sox fan Yinka's take on the playoff race is. I don't know if there are any Twinkies on this board.

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I know F-Rod has been solid as of late, but wit Figgins, Abreu, and Hunter coming up in the 9th, I'm wishing for at least 1 insurance run. Because if he doesn't get them 123, then Guerrero will also bat.