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Scherzer looks for redemption in the Tigers first away , and first divisional series. To take two wins away from the south side will really keep this cole train rolling. GO TIGERS!



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Cheating in baseball? Never seen this one before. Now let's blow up some records. Only way to stop the Tigers is by cheating evidently.


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For those of us unable to watch/listen, what did AJ do now? and whats up with this batters box?  Sounds terrible.  Absolutely hate the sox, they probably slide in right behind ohio for me.

His Dudeness

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The way I saw it Miggy stepped into the box and his foot was about 6 inches behind the box and AJ looked up at the ump and pointed it out. Miggy told the ump the box was off and sure enough it was. Had AJ said nothing (like he does everytime he plays against PRONK who always has his back foot about 6 inches behind the box after he kicks out the back line chalk) it wouldn't have been a big deal. Instead they had to bring out the grounds crew and re-do the box delaying the game about 10 minutes. I just hate AJ and look for more reasons to hate him.


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This is not how it happened at all. The box angle was off - the box was closer to the mound by about 10 inches - and Miggy wanted it changed, and AJ told the ump that Miggy was correct. It was a disadvantage for the hitter. What AJ did was fine.


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When AJ played for Twins Michigan played a Friday night game vs. Gophers. The John Navarre game I believe. AJ and a bunch of Twins came to watch and meet Lloyd. AJ is M football fan I guess. Even some M fans can be assholes.

Blue boy johnson

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God the Tigers D on the left side is awful. You got Delmon chop blocking a ball in Left, immediately followed by Cabby charging a slow roller while doing his best impression of a tortoise.


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Cabrera. Not sure he gets him at first anyways. Besides the one error on opening day Cabby has actually been very solid at third. The Tigers defense as a whole hasn't been too bad this season. C


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Why isn't anybody talking about Inge rejoining the team and Danny Worth going back down?

It's always a heated discussion, funny too.



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Inge is probably replacing Danny. Inge is rejoining the team today, and I don't see them sending either Dirks or Kelly down (I'm not sure if either of them have any options left anyway). I'm fine with it, actually. Inge is solid defensively and hits about as well as Danny. One way or another it's basically the same player. No biggie.

rob f

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but it looks like the good Dr. Scherzer showed up today, rather than the evil Mr. Scherzer that was so scary to watch Sunday when I went to that game vs. the Bosox


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Watching on free Extra Innings preview.  The call on that HR was, approximately:


"That's headed out to left --"

"Get foul!"



"And... it didn't."





(You can put that on your board, you ridiculous homers.)


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When will managers quit bringing in lefties to face Boesch.

Higher avg vs them, less power, but then you also have a lefty facing Miggy

Chester Copperpot

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Not sure if this is the right time to play the classy card, considering this thread alone has two posters in agreement about their interest in punching Jake Peavy in the mouth, another hoping Pierzynski takes a foul ball to the neck, and the ever-classy "ChiSux" moniker.  How is this any better/more acceptable than those posters who wish injuries upon opposing players  and refer to Ohio as O$U, the Suckeyes, etc.  Those posts get negged to death regularly, why should this be different?  Just saying....