OT - Tiger Woods wins Tour Championship

Submitted by ijohnb on September 23rd, 2018 at 6:54 PM

Forgive the OT, but it was quite a scene on East Lake today.  Count me among those who never thought he would make another cut, let alone win a tournament, and a notable one at that.  Think what you want of him, but that was quite a comeback, and probably took more work than we can imagine.   Going to be a fun Ryder Cup, and probably high drama next season. 



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I was rooting for him to win a major this year but this is the next best thing. It's not likely he will break Nicklaus' record for majors but it seems like he will take the overall wins record from Sam Snead. Very cool!


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I think he can do it. I wouldn't be surprised to see him average 1.5 majors/yr for the next 4 years. Would you? Not saying that's what I EXPECT. Just saying that if he did, I don't think that, at this point, it would be a surprise.

Oh, and I hope that Michiganfan1984 really enjoys the taste of crow


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Congrats to him!  He's been through some shit the last decade, or so.  Yeah, he brought on a lot of it himself, but he never cratered to the depths we've seen so many others fall to.  I'm glad he's back with a win.


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Accordingly to reports, he cheated on his wife with almost 100 different women.  This wasn't a case where Tiger slipped up and cheated with a Perkins waitress.  It was much worse, much more sociopathic.  And for that, I do hold that against him.

He's the greatest golfer to play the game, but a complete scumbag in his personal life.

True Blue Grit

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Yes, he had a bunch of issues in his personal life including cheating on his wife.  But he wasn't the only major athlete who did that.  And for his mistakes, he paid a pretty big price.  I can at least appreciate all the work to bring himself back to being competitive again.   I don't admire him for his personality, but I do for what he's accomplished.  


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From a Tiger fan who was never really heavily invested in his image as a family man, I'm very excited to see him back in form. He played really fucking well this weekend, and the game of golf is better to have him in contention. 


I really hope we get to see one more major win out of him.


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That was definitely awesome. I was skeptical yesterday even though I wanted him to win. I like second chances (or third or fourth). If some one cleans up I am all for rooting for the underdog. It is sad that he is an underdog but this is truly spectacular. He has a chance going forward.


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That was such an incredible thing to watch.  For me, one of the great things, has been his transition to actually seeming like he enjoys golf.  After winning today, and perhaps if he were to win more, it could go back to the Tiger of old...but I have appreciated his ability to smile on the course, actually talk to his playing partners, and seeming to take more note of the fans.  

If he gets his putter right, he will be able to string together consistent-enough tournaments to be in it.  There are some California US Opens coming up in the next few years that could suit him, in terms of majors.  And I would assume that he will be the favorite (or top 3) for Augusta next April.  


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I turned the channel from football to watch it. In order to rise from its own ashes a phoenix first must burn...Octavia E. Butler

Tiger looks like he appreciates it more the second time. 


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If he does, you can show him around.

Several examples of guys acting out on the course much worse than he ever did--Dechambeau and Horschel today alone. Bubba and Reed are notorious douchebags. Phil (unlike Tiger) is hated by his peers. Dustin Johnson battled addiction. The dude cheated on his wife and has paid dearly. What exactly could it be that brings about the extra animus WRT Tiger Woods?

The guy is one of the top two golfers of all time and had a better decade of golf than anyone. Ever. He's not my role model. But life is too short not to enjoy and appreciate that game if you are a fan of golf.


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The dude fucking earned it. Paid his dues. Glad to see him win. Hope he beats the piss out of Watson and Reed and other jerks on the tour who would be no where monetarily without Woods.


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I would be very very surprised to see him average 1.5 majors / year for the next 4 years. In fact, I’m going to say that’s borderline impossible as there aren’t many players that have won majors after the age of 42, so it win 6 between the age of 43-47 (he turns 43 on 12/30) would be arguably the greatest feat in the history of sports. 

I’m thrilled and impressed that he won, but he’s not going to be better than he was. The field is far far better and he’s much older. I think he wins 2-3 more majors max, which is damn impressive for everything he’s been through. 


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Tiger won 14 in eleven years in his prime, the most dominant ~decade of golf ever, so I think five in three or four years (to top Nicklaus) is definitely taking the over.

I think it's better to enjoy his resurgence for its own sake.  Win one for the Old Farts.  (That would be me.)


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Tiger has worked his way back from his controversy’s. Coming back from 5 back surgeries to compete and win at the highest level of your sport at 42 is amazing. His swing speed was measured at 129 mph earlier this year. He has earned it. The response at 18 was heartwarming and well deserved. Welcome back Tiger!

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Huge fan.  Tiger in contention on Sunday is must watch tv.  That was awesome.  I'm looking forward to the Ryder Cup as that is some of the most competitive, fun to watch sports there is.  So intense.