OT: Tiger gets rid of Williams as his caddie

Submitted by buckeyeh8er on July 20th, 2011 at 4:50 PM

This certainly has no relevance to Michigan at all but is a good topic of what has been a slow week.  After 12 years Tiger gets rid of Steve Williams.  There are not many caddie's that I can even name other than Bones (Phils caddie).  Tiger seems to be changing everything.  I am one of those people that can watch 4 straight days of golf but usually only if it involves Tiger.  I wonder if he will ever be anything like he used to be.



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Maybe if he could get his extra special Canadian Dr to make house calls again he'd regain both his strength AND his youthfull countenance.

I'm not saying I'm just saying........


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"I am one of those people that can watch 4 straight days of golf but usually only if it involves Tiger."

Too bad - you're missing some great golf, and great stories, this year.

FYI, Tiger's former caddie, Mike "Fluff" Cowan has been with Jim Furyk for years, and doing quite well.  Also, Williams had already started caddying for Adam Scott before being fired by Tiger.

Have you ever heard of  acaddies caling as much attention to himself as Steve Williams?  Him and Tiger deserved each other - sorry they broke up.



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hence the word "usually".  I was at the Masters for 3 days this year and even with everything going on with Rory the crowd was still with Tiger.  He draws them in.  I may even try to catch the PGA and that one doesnt have Tiger in it.

In The Shadow …

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Tiger not playing is the best thing to happen to golf in years.  It forces the announcers to talk about the guys that are accually leading the tournaments instead of just fawning all over Tiger. ESPN will always lead with Tiger highlights and not even mention the leader and it doesn't even matter if he is 10 shots back.  To me that is totally unacceptable and disgusting.


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Sorry, but Tiger not playing is why the US hasn't won any of the last six majors and three of the last fifteen.  People can whine about him all they want, but he's the only US player who has shown anything remotely resembling the will to win that international golfers routinely show.  

You're half right though: if you are from Eurpoe, Asia, South America, or Africa, Tiger not playing IS the best thing that has happened to golf in years.  It only sucks if you are one of those who likes to see the US win majors on their own soil.  


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Sorry, but of all the WWL's gross biases (hello Derek Jeter), the one toward Tiger makes the most sense.

It is not "totally unacceptable and disgusting" for the lion's share of attention to go to a guy who a) Has won 14 majors while no other current player on the tour has even won five b) Has been known as golf's prodigious son since he was a teenager c) Is a minority dominating what has always been an almost all-white sport d) Is by far the most exciteable and photogenic golfer today when he's out on the course.



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Unless you're the PGA, or anyone else that cares about US TV ratings.  When Tiger is out or struggling, the TV ratings plummet.  Last year, with Tiger struggling the British Open had it's lowest ratings, this year with Tiger out, similar ratings.  PGA Championship last year with Tiger out of contention?  Ratings were awful.  How about the US Open?  In 2010 with Tiger in contention versus this year with Tiger not playing.  Do I need to go on?

El Demonio

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has yet to kick the Tiger habit.  A couple more major tourneys with no Tiger in the field on Saturdays will end that run.  So who gives a d*mn about the caddy?

In The Shadow …

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I think you guys are missing my point.  I'm not saying Tiger isn't a great golfer that would be foolish.  I'm saying he doesn't deserve to be the lead story when we is nowhere near the lead of the tournament.  That is unfair to the man that is leading and who might never win another tournament.


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ESPN isn't in the business of fairness, they're in the business of delivering programming that their customers want.  I personally don't give a damn about the other golfers, I just wanna know how Tiger's doing.  Most other casual golf fans feel the same way, hence that's what ESPN delivers.


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which wouldn't be so bad if Williams was receiving some form of payment during Tiger's hiatus from golf.   Unfortunately that wasn't the case.  

Also, Williams had already flown from his home in New Zealand only to learn that Tiger was withdrawing from the Open.   Since Williams was already at the tourney, he asked for Tiger's permission to caddy for another player.   Seems like a win-win as Williams gets paid and the other player gains the services of a great caddy even if on a one-time basis.  Well not exactly as in spite of granting permission, Tiger may not have been thrilled with the idea after all and severed his relationship with Williams shortly after.

So draw your own conclusions.   Was Woods being cheap and/or is he in some sort of financial trouble (believe it or not, there have been whispers)?   Is Woods being petty and spiteful?   

In the end, the casual golf fan doesn't care as long as some semblance of the old Tiger, the one who used to win, if not dominate, tournaments, resurfaces.  I used to think that was a certainty, but with lingering health problems and arguable signs of a deeply damaged psyche, I'm not so sure.


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That he would have said something if he knew about Tiger's affairs, biggest load of bullshit I ever heard.

A. There's no way you didn't know

B. It's none of your business anyway

C. You wouldn't have said shit because he's your employer and thanks to him being one of the best golfers to ever live, you're probably the wealthiest caddie that ever lived.