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Submitted by MrVociferous on February 23rd, 2011 at 3:16 PM

Just heard about this site Thuuz today.  It looks like its a new site that uses some algorithms to figure out an excitement level for various ongoing games.  You can sign up for the service and they will let you know (via email or text) when the game reaches a per determined "excitement" level so you can tune in and watch the good parts.

Has anyone heard of this site before?  And more importantly, has anyone used it?


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February 23rd, 2011 at 3:40 PM ^

Hey Mark, personally I feel like that site has too specific of an audience. While you're grappling with trying to find those unbroadcasted games, take a look at ESPN. It shows you the score, and the game instead of making decisions for you because we're all grown ups here. 

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It's too bad you created an account just to comment and self-promote in this thread. I was coming here to suggest RUWT, but now that would be kind of lame.

I have used both services but don't find mysefl relying on or turning to them very much. One bonus for RUWT is that it has a chrome extension (and probably a firefox add-on as well, but I'm not sure). Even with that though, I don't use it too much, but I find I don't have time to kill watching too many games that I don't have a rooting interest in anymore, so I'm probably not the best one to give an opinion.


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In the upcoming games section it says that the San Jose Sharks vs Pittsburgh Penguins game is receiving an automatic +4. The justification of this is "Can San Jose exploit Crosby's absence?". How can a game be more exciting when you take out one of the game's best players?


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In the upcoming games section it says that the San Jose Sharks vs Pittsburgh Penguins game is receiving an automatic +4. The justification of this is "Can San Jose exploit Crosby's absence?". How can a game be more exciting when you take out one of the game's whiniest players?


Fixed it for you.


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This post solicited the coveted "laugh-out-loud-at-work" response that always causes the reader to have to explain what is so funn, thereby making the reader feel stupid.  I'm not sure whether to congratulate you on your post or be extremely angry with you for making me feel stupid . . .


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Go fuck yourselves.  Perhaps you can do it with one of your clever animations or topical meme photos.

All I was trying to do was asking a group of sports fans about a sports website.  SO SORRY!!!!  Maybe I should have posted the question as a lol cat, MS Paint drawing, or some random gif.

Go on with your lives being cynical.

Mods, you can delete this thread.  God forbid anyone ask a question about another site on here.