OT: Three newest members of CFP Selection Committee named

Submitted by GoWings2008 on January 17th, 2017 at 4:18 PM

For anyone who missed it, the executive director of the CFP Frank Hancock, announced the three newest members of the committee this morning.

Frank Beamer, former Virgina Tech coach is the most notable name of the three.  I'm sure his background is well known amongst most college football fans.

Second is OSU's AD, Gene Smith.  Enough said...

Finally, the lesser known name to most fans is Chris Howard, President of Robert Morris University.  I've the privilege of knowing Chris for a long time as we were freshmen together at the Air Force Academy and watched him graduate and go on to be a Rhode's Scholar. A former college football player himself, Chris has distinguished himself throughout his professional career, and I even airdropped him out of the back of my C-130 way back when he was still an officer in the USAF.

Considering the background of these three individuals, and aside from Smith's perceived biases (I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, at least initially), I'd say this is a positive for the committee and teams that have legit shots at making the playoff.  Howard is a fair minded person and I generally view Beamer as a level headed guy as well.  I just hope he forgets the Sugar Bowl from a few years ago...

Link:  http://collegefootballplayoff.com/news/beamer-howard-and-smith-named-co…


EDIT:  Forgot to mention, Howard's football career concluded his (our) senior year by winning the Liberty Bowl against.... ohio state university.





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“After we take some pictures, we start talking, just the two of us,” Beamer said. “Jim says over and over how much respect he has for Georgia Tech. He must have said it five times. I’m just looking at him like, ‘Are you serious?’

“Finally, I’m joking with him and I say I can’t wait to tell my team that you called us Georgia Tech. Because, you know, we’re Virginia Tech.”

Harbaugh then threw his infamous shark expression at Beamer: mouth agape, eyes on fire, looking poised to chomp. Harbaugh’s assistants have seen this look for years; he sometimes holds it for about 30 seconds without speaking, causing everyone in eyeshot to wonder what is flowing through his mind — if anything.

Beamer continued to lock eyes with Harbaugh for a few moments, waiting for him to say something, anything. It may have been the most uncomfortable silence of Beamer’s life.

“Well,” Harbaugh finally told Beamer. “I can’t wait to tell my players that you said you were going to play Samford, not Stanford!” He then turned and walked away.


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Minus the Gene Smith part, can they put together a committee made up of these types of individuals to fix all that is wrong with the NCAA in addition to picking what teams get to play in the tournaments? 

It seems like the NCAA creates committees to focus on different subjects but garners input from the worst possible sources to make decisions (i.e. let's ask the coaches what the rules around contacting recruits and signing periods should be). Then they randomly implement rules based on whats trending in the media lately or what the SEC has complained about (i.e. satelite camps are the devil, ban them now!!!).   

I would much rather see a small team of Frank Beamer, Chris Howard, a high profile high school coach, and Jim Harbaugh make all decisions on behalf of the NCAA. 


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I don't understand why the NCAA, in both football and basketball, can't seem to put together a selection committee without including some members with a clear conflict of interest.  Yes, I know they "leave the room when their team is discussed" - but why not just put together a committee with no current employees of D-I schools on it?



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You can do a lot of good for your team and a lot of bad for other teams even if you leave the room when your team is discussed.  You need to leave the room when any team that impacts yours is discussed.

If Smith was on the committee this year for example, leaving the room when Ohio State was discussed but staying in it when Penn State was discussed would not eliminate conflict of interest.



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I would've been okay with anyone other than Gene Smith. I can't imagine Smith him not casting a vote for osu in a coin flip type scenario. I'm willing to give Smith the benefit of the doubt, but I will admit I am highly skeptical of him casting an unbiased vote.