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Submitted by CLion on October 14th, 2017 at 3:47 PM

I blame Harbaugh for blowing 20-10 FWIW. I frankly think he's not a very good in game coach.



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Well all I'm saying was the alternative was hoke. We won. I'm just as pissed as anyone. A wins a win. Just we all were in heaven when harbaugh came and just cuz we aren't dominant offensively this year y'all act like he's the worst coach in the country. The 16 ignorant penalties weren't his fault. Take half away the games a different story. They shot themselves in the foot with those


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Every offensive coach better be fired today. 7 of last 8 drives were three-and-outs! Think that might wear down your defense? Outrageous. One first down and the game would have been over. 14+ penalties. Harbaugh is a pathetic joke.


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He has to turtle. I would not trust okorn either. He is why the offense struggles. He is 100% the problem. You have to be able to pitch and catch. If Michigan had a passing game there running game would be off the hook. Okorn constantly is not seeing wide open receivers. How do you miss dpj who is five to ten yards ahead of the guy.

Once again when you think your QB is going to throw a pick you hve to run. Even witha great call for the shuttle pass Ikorn can't even get the play off. If Michigan had a competent QB this offense would look real good. I really don't understand how anyone comes up with anything else. Okorn is terrible and that is the problem period.

Fab and Fresh

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I see you MichiganMan14. Not just pumping up your guy. He really is the superior back on the team this season. If there were any doubt before today (and there legitimately has been), it has been laid to rest.

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Somehow Indiana/Tom Allen can field a competent freshman QB, but Michigan struggles to find 1 to step up with 4-5 scholarships QBs on the roster.