OT: Texas has their own Dave Brandon & Lochdawg

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don't know how many people on here ever read shaggybevo, but that site is hilarious. They have been irate with their athletic director and how similar he is to DB. They have mentioned him being DB on that site.

This is an article from the Austin American-Statesman that was published awhile ago. It's no longer up and requires a sub to read it so here is most of it that I found on shaggybevo:



The person most responsible for turning up the music, finding DJs and bringing fireworks to Texas athletic events is Felisa Israel, a striking brunette just under 6 feet tall with copper-toned skin, charisma and someone who, quite frankly, got a little freaked when the locals refer to her as ma'am. She's from LA.

Israel, who has a long background in working with NBA teams, had never really spent much time in Austin. She knew of Texas men's athletic director Steve Patterson from their days together at the Portland Trail Blazers.

When Patterson came to Texas in the fall of 2013, he saw what most Longhorns fans have known for years. The Frank C. Erwin Jr. Special Events Center has about the same dull, lackluster basketball atmosphere as the name implies.

No offense to the progressive former Texas regent, of course. So Patterson hired Israel to, as she said, "sprinkle some professional sports dust on what's going on here."

Welcome to Club Erwin. Patterson didn't want to know what was planned.

"They told me they had some good things coming and they wanted to surprise me," he said.

Israel went to work.

"The first thing that came into my head was how am I going to incorporate Kevin Durant's MVP speech?," Israel said.
The arena staff was incredibly helpful with some out-of-the-box ideas. What about lasers? What about video mapping, the hot new NBA craze? That's where an image is projected onto the floor to give it a three-dimensional look. Katy Perry used it during the Super Bowl. But Israel said 90 seconds of video mapping costs $100,000. Per game.
"I said let's get a $7,500 disco ball and start with that," Israel said.
A new pregame video featuring Durant, a darkened arena, lights bouncing off the mirror ball and some on-court pyrotechnics create a completely different environment lasting 2 minutes, 30 seconds.
"I think they've tried to embrace who we are. I think it's awesome," said Texas coach Rick Barnes, now in his 17th season. "
I know I appreciate it, and I know the players do." Patterson made a lot of die-hard fans nervous when he first took over in November 2013 because he suggested changes were coming. "Everyone's afraid of change. Everyone's afraid of the unexpected," Israel said.
Club Erwin is a prime example of Patterson's laser-like focus on improving customer relations and the fan experience. That's what Disney Institute officials stressed during their meetings with Texas administrators in Orlando, Fla.
"We can't control what happens on the field, but we can control how people feel," said Brent Centlivre, Texas' account manager at the Disney Institute.
"Even if it's a close game and we lost, did someone thank me for coming? Did someone say they appreciate me being here? "I'm going to remember how someone treated one

of my daughters as opposed to whether Texas won the game," he added.

Bringing fans back Reporters who cover Texas football games would be aghast at the scene in the Royal-Memorial Stadium press box. It now looks like a Wall Street trading floor, with dozens of computer workstations, dual monitors and more than 20 people smiling and dialing. The press box inside Bellmont Hall is now the home to "the largest customer service and sales team in collegiate athletics," said Bernie Mullin, CEO of The Aspire Group.
"It's not even close." Patterson initially signed a one-year services contract with Aspire to outsource Texas' ticket selling operations.

"Wabash Cannonball, March Grandioso, Texas Fight, that is not going away," Hank said. "We are not here to denigrate, ruin, get rid of the traditions that have made the University of Texas great. But you know what? Every tradition started somewhere." Israel has carte blanche to try new things this fall at Royal-Memorial Stadium.
As a self-professed "band geek," she smartly brings up ways to go about highlighting the Texas band.
"I definitely want to enhance it. I want to make it more fun, make them more of a presence than they already are," she said. School officials have already confirmed to the Statesman that Jet Pack Guy won't return in 2015. Trey Goldsmith, longtime marketing consultant for Mighty Fine Burgers, is excited about what opportunities lie ahead at Texas athletic events. "The fact they're willing to do a jet pack says to me they're willing to do almost anything," Goldsmith said.

Texas officials said they've budgeted $200,000 for Israel's consulting, paying the DJs, adding pyrotechnics and all the new extras at the Erwin Center.



good lord, she is the female lochdawgg. These people need to be banned from college athletics.

Look at their complaints about their AD in this thread. seems very familiar. http://www.shaggybevo.com/board/showthread.php/152451-Steve-Patterson-i…



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Obviously, we are all happy db has been shown the door.  It just reminded me of how long it took to get him out of here. I forsee many facepalms in the longhorns future (hopefully not simultaneous to the longhorn gesture, although they may want to poke their eyes out if Israel pulls a full blown db free tix with coke)


How do these people not understand that professional and collegiate sports markets are not the same, nor should they provide the same experience.  A college basketball game shouldn't feel like an NBA game.  I went to a Bulls game recently and it was... well, weird.  Music during gameplay? I couldn't believe it.  Felt like more of a production than a sporting event.



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Changing the gameday experience through the introduction of negligent arson sounds about right when you read some of the things on Felisa Israel's resume actually. This is the same person who said "Oh god no" to a question regarding whether or not she had basketball experience as a player, but admitted to being a fan of tennis.


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I wouldn't say "long before"

Keep Austin Weird was coined by Red Wassenich and adopted by the Austin Independent Business Alliance to promote small businesses in Austin, Texas in 2000.

Keep Portland Weird was based on the Keep Austin Weird slogan and organization used in Austin, Texas, and was brought to Portland in 2003 by Music Millennium owner Terry Currier.


snarling wolverine

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That was a great game.  The ending was unfortunate but I felt about as good about that loss as you could.  We played really well and just didn't make one final play to end it (we very nearly blocked the kick).

The real reason why I don't feel sorry for Texas is the Longhorn Network and their refusal to share revenue in their conference.  That is garbage.  Even pro sports franchises share the wealth.




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I knew that a mobile QB with a half decent arm would be trouble for us, so my hopes were tempered.  I went out to dinner after the game and only had an "aw shucks" reaction.

Plus, I can't be mad at Texas for the Longhorn Network.  The conference allowed it.  Also, in the NHL at least a handful of teams do not qualify for revenue sharing because they have over 2.5 million households with televisions in their market (ie. Chicago, NY teams, etc).  I'm not sure if any teams in other leagues have or can opt out.


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Why? Because they beat us in a thriller? Because we couldn't stop Vince Young? Should we hate every team that beats us?

It's not like they're a major rival of Michigan. If anything, of all the blueblood college football programs, Texas is probably the one that's most similar to Michigan.


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When I leave a game after a gut wrenching loss I usually take it out on my daughter by blaming her for my failures in life. I would respect anyone working at the stadium who would do the same. So the guy who is worried about customer service after a loss can go to hell.


I have no daughter.

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Bando Calrissian

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Remember when going to a game was going to watch a sports competition? I guess I just don't understand why every second I spend in the stands not watching sports must be filled with noise, lights, pyrotechnics, etc. These people just don't get it.