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Interesting but I try not to think about it.  Stability and success are all too fleeting in college athletics.  For every Hackett there's a Brandon, for every Gordon Gee there's a Gordon Gee.


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None of UT’s major men’s coaches report directly to Patterson. Football coach Charlie Strong, basketball coach Shaka Smart and baseball coach Augie Garrido all report to associate AD Arthur Johnson, who then relays any of their concerns to Patterson.

Wow, that's amazing.  If there's one thing we've learned over the past few years here, it's that the relationship between the Athletic Director and the Head Coach can really make or break the whole program.

Everyone Murders

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To me, that's the craziest part of the whole article.  Maybe it's more commonplace than I'm aware of, but all of the coaches report to an assistant AD, who then communicates to Patterson.

I can understand the administrative argument (delegation, focus on initiatives, blah blah blah), but no wonder he's hopelessy out of touch.  It smacks of Dave Brandon-esque confusion of an athletic department for "just another business" and the AD fancying himself the "face" of sports for the school.

This dysfunction is a LOT more amusing when it's not a Michigan!


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Maybe someone more in tune with our athletic department can chime in, but I always thought that our football and basketball (and possibly hockey, baseball and softball) coaches reported directly to the AD, but the other sports had an associate AD that they reported to.  

Can anyone confirm the org chart for our athletic dept.?


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"Those complaints have come from dozens of angry donors, including some of Michigan’sTexas’top givers, sources said. Those donors feel Brandon Patterson is running UM  UT like a cold, unfeeling pro sports franchise that views UM UT faithful as faceless customers – not passionate alums.

As a result, 10,000 football season ticket holders didn't renew for 2015 after an average cost increase of 21.5 percent, coming off a 5-7 6-7 season and a five-year record of 38-26 36-28.

Michigan Texas generously announced a crowd of 86,458 (capacity 109,901 100,119) for the Wolverine’s Longhorns' 42-28 win over Indiana Rice Saturday."


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He should be fired for this alone:

"Asked if he’s done what he’s been asked to do by Fenves, Patterson said:

“We are asked to run an athletic department that operates with integrity, competes at the highest levels, graduates our students and helps change these student's lives to effectuate positive outcomes so they can go out and change the world.""

That may be the most cold, disconnected, CEO-ish quote ever...


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Texas is exactly where we were a few years ago. They hired a coach who is a terrible fit, the program is underacieving, they've been surpassed by small time schools from their state, and now their AD is on the hot seat. John U Bacon mentioned some other parellels a few weeks ago and said he hopes someone down there writes that story because there's more than enough material. 


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I haven't done any real in-depth analysis on what's at the root of it. My comment is just based on his record at UT the fact that he was a successful coach and coordinator prior to taking that job. And its not as though his teams are winning close games and success is just around the corner. They look lost and incompetent, just like Michigan did under Rodriguez.


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It's a whole bunch of Millionaires having a pissing contest with other Millionaires.

It's rich, entitled people moaning about how bad they have it while at an extravagant party on top of the Hancock Building...smh

The Mad Hatter

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The sources told one of Fenves' top concerns is the number of donors - small and large - who have expressed they will no longer give to athletics as long as Patterson is in place.

Those donors feel Patterson is running UT like a cold, unfeeling pro sports franchise that views UT faithful as faceless customers – not passionate alums.

As a result, 10,000 football season ticket holders didn't renew for 2015 after an average cost increase of 21.5 percent, coming off a 6-7 season and a five-year record of 36-28.


Fire that motherfucker.


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Endzone should be required reading for every hiring group inside the university system now and forever. The situation in Texas is exactly like what M just went through and if the students down there decide to protest it will get the same attention.


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We might get to hear another version from Iowa in the not-too-distant future, only at an even higher level. There's been a lot of concern among Hawkeye faithful about the new president J. Bruce Herrald. Might be a lot of complaining over nothing, but the initial signs are a little ominous (apologies if this made the board before): 

Slate article link:


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Bizarre situation that's very reminiscent of the Brandon hiring. Three candidates with deep experience in the demands and criteria of the job and the fourth candidate with no relevant experience gets hired. Strange changes in the search procedure late in the process.

The weird thing is that his business experience (president of Boston Market and v-p of IBM) isn't even that impressive, nowhere near as impressive as Brandon's, and he's being hired into a more important, and more complicated job.

Really doubtful this has any kind of successful outcome. The faculty senate has already voted no confidence in the board of regents in response to his hiring.