OT: Ted Roof is new Penn State DC

Submitted by markusr2007 on January 10th, 2012 at 2:01 PM

It's official.  Ted Roof coming back to Big Ten as DC for the Nittany Lions.

Roof was DC at Minnesota in 2008 - the last year they hit a bowl game, finishing 7-6.

You will remember Roof's defense when Rich Rodriguez and walk-on QB Nick Sheridan shredded the Gophers 29-6 in the anti-septic Metrodome.




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 They have begun the Mos Eisley space port of coaching staffs. Beisdes the  coaches he kept from the JoePa's coaching staff it seems to be a collection of loser coaches from duke and georgia tech. I could be wrong ( usually I am)  but this seems like a coaching staff to not be very excited about at all. Really makes me wonder if the University went out and got them a Zook to ride out this Sandusky mess.


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I thought Reeves was just looking for a reason to stay with Penn State, that he really liked his commitment there.  I don't think they've given him one.  Ohio might be our bigger competition now, if he really wants to play with Williams.

los barcos

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I was hoping bill o brien could develop into an under-the-radar coaching prospect that would hire good assistants and keep penn state competitive.  With this hire, not sure if that’s a possibility now.  As Michigan fans, we want a strong PSU because outside of Wisconsin there is no one in that division to compete with ohio. But if PSU goes the way its looking like its going… who fills in the competitive balance?  Illinois? Indiana? Purdue?  Ugh. Not exactly the gauntlet, the leaders division.


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They've done considerably worse than hiring a Zook.

The only thing that will save O'Brien is for Tebow to shock the world again and beat the Pats. I just cannot believe how mind-numbingly stupid it is to hire a coach who can't devote 100% of his time to recruiting between now and signing day.

And that's on top of hiring a coach with no head coaching experience whatsoever.

Happy Valley is now one big dumpster fire.

Laser Wolf

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If you want to know what Auburn fans think, you'll have to budget at least thirty minutes for them to stop laughing maniacally before you get your answer.


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What's funnier than Roof's defenses at Auburn is the fact that his leaving Auburn was spun by the school as a "departure" in order to work for his old mentor George O'Leary at UCF.  (Roof is supposedly a super-duper-nice guy and they didn't want to stain him with the label of "fired" is the story.)  I guess he learned all he needed from his mentor because his stay at UCF was positively O'Learyan.


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just returned from his brief shopping spree in Manhattan. He's now back at his desk, having downed 18 cups of coffee, and for the first time in weeks is officially caught up on all voice- and e-mails.




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This is the same Ted Roof that led Duke to a glorious 6-45 stretch as a head coach in the middle of the last decade, right? If so, Penn State gets the "Meh Award" for coaching hires this year, I would think. 


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If O'Brien is pickled ginger, what is Ted Roof?  Laxative?  (He makes it real painful while he's around, but once he's gone you feel so much better).