OT - Ted Ginn Sr. Cancer Free

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Crazy! Didn't know he had it.


Ted Ginn Sr. didn’t know how stacked the odds were against him surviving. Only after he had beaten pancreatic cancer did the Glenville High School football coach learn that 19 out of 20 don’t .

“They never told me until it was all over,” Ginn said.

Now the coach whose Cleveland school has been a pipeline to Ohio State and so many other college football programs is poised to get back on the sidelines when preseason practice starts.

Ginn, 57, still doesn’t have the energy and endurance he had before he was diagnosed last August. But he is getting stronger physically. His mental resolve has never been greater.

“I’m thankful to be alive and more determined than I ever have been in my life,” he said. “God has blessed me to be here.”



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Great to hear.  For all the flack he used to catch around here about funneling players to OSU, he seems like a guy who has his head and his heart in the right place.


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Just wanted to chime in and say the comments herein on this topic demonstrate what's awesome about MGoBlog and it's represenation of Michigan fans.

Classy and great to see.


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Very moving story and congratulations to Coach Ginn - always great to hear these stories end like this. My grandmother  was diagnosed with it in 1987 and was not so fortunate, but it is wonderful to see that advancements in treatments are giving people who have touched as many lives as Ginn has a chance to continue that work. 

Thanks for sharing this, OP. 

The FannMan

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Glad to hear this.  Anyone beating cancer is awesome news.  I know someone through work who was diagnosed approximately a month after he retired.  The guy was gone in less than six months.  This is a tough one to beat.