OT: Syracuse AD Daryl Gross is out & Boeheim to retire in 3 years

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A letter from Syracuse's Chancellor to news outlets and season ticket holders detail the actions.  

The school plans to appeal still, but Gross is out. He will remain with the school in a different job.  

The letter also explains that Boeheim will respond to the infractions himself, but plans to retire in three years.  

Mike Hopkins appears set to take the job, as he has been for a decade.

EDIT: This is all over everything now.



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It seems kinda weird to hire from within the staff that is being punished by the NCAA. It would be terrible for this man Hopkins to wait all this time and not get his day, but it seems like they're basically setting up more of the same old same old with that hire.

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From hearing the interviews Hopkins does on local radio, he is the complete opposite of Boeheim. He seems to relate well to the players with a borderline crazy enthusiasm that's a cross between a young Bill Walton and Jeff Spicoli. 

Locally, the conversation for the past few years has pondered how to keep Coach Hop around long enough until Boeheim retires. Coach Hopkins has interviewed for a number of high profile coaching positions recently but I think his heart remains in Syracuse.

Same program, but Boeheim and Hopkins are two very different animals.


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is appealing.   The school feels the NCAA went overboard with it's additional punishments.

I'm not sure if Boeheim's appeal is official, but the school says it will support him if he chooses to appeal the parts that impact him personally.


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I wonder if that coincides with the end of his current contract - I don't have the terms in front of me, but to me it sounded like a polite way to say that when the terms are up, so is Boeheim, and perhaps Boeheim himself wants it that way or had some say in it. I could be wrong, of course. 

I do sort of appreciate that this gives Syracuse an opportunity to put some serious thought into where they want to go from here as a program post-Boeheim. It seems like it gives them every opportunity to either groom the next hire in a new culture or get the new hire right so that this doesn't happen again. 

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Syracuse's chancellor is Kent Syverud, who used to be on Michigan Law School's faculty.  Had a habit of saying "let me tell you one thing" while subconsciously flipping off the class.  My sense is that Michigan Law was a stepping stone for him, as it was pretty obvious he craved a presidential position in academia.

Syverud succeeded Nancy Cantor, who those long-in-the-tooth may also remember as Provost and Dean of Rackham, among other posts.  She also taught social psychology at Michigan (well), and had much deeper roots at UofM than Syverud.  Cantor probably touched many here on the board's lives.

Finally, Jim Boeheim strikes me as a total douche.  No Michigan connection there, but at least it's a sincere observation.

Everyone Murders

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Did I ever tell you about the time Syverud and I went horseback riding, but there weren't any horses around?  Anyway, Syverud throws a saddle on my back and rides me around Wyoming for three days.  Well, wouldn't you know it, my stamina increases with each day, and I develop tremendous leg muscles.  So Syverud decides to enter me into the Breeders' Cup under the name Turkish Delight.  And I'm running in second place, and I'm running, and I break my ankle.  So anyway, they're about to shoot me.  Then someone from the crowd yells out, "God bless him, don't shot him - he's a human".  To Syverud!

Kent Syverud is an eight foot two-ton monster who can palm a medicine ball.  I once saw him scissor kick Angela Lansbury. 

Did I ever tell you about the time Syverud went hunting?  Well anyway, Syverud decides he's gonna hunt down all four members of the Banana Splits.  He stalks and kills every one of them with a machete.  They all beg for their lives, except Fleegle.

Syverud orchestrated the merger between UNICEF and Smith & Wesson.  Hell of a guy!  To Syverud!


kevin holt

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Because my username is my real name I guess I shouldn't feel weird about revealing personal info here right? So Syverud was my law school Dean for the first half of law school at WashU, and I was his research assistant his final semester. The guy is awesome. I wouldn't say he craved being a president somewhere or whatever, because he still taught up to his last day and loves teaching negotiation practice. He's damn good at it too. Also he wrote me a really great recommendation and helped me make a lot of connections. And the Michigan connection definitely helped. So I'm biased but he's a great dude and I was happy to see him get this job (though sad he left our school)


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The AD's office has assured fans, though, that Hopkins will maintain the tradition of having at least one short white guy on the roster who has awful facial hair but can shoot the lights out.


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No institutional control and the only thing that happens is one guy gets shuffled to a new position and Boeheim gets to retire when he was going to retire anyway.  Another big FU to the NCAA and the notion that cheaters should be punished.


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Boeheim has always struck me as a self-important douche (like lots of college BB coaches I suppose).  He was directly implicated in academic fraud; yet he gets to ride out his golden years at SU just the same.  

But what about UNC???  It seems to me that their violations were even more egregious.  Yet they're about to play in an NCAA tournement game.  What's the timeline on punishment for them?


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And you know, Jim Boehem was very consistently following the rules the whole time. I have to laugh a little bit when our own posters call it cheating. And they actually listen to a couple of compliance officers who will never be athletic direcors if they think Boeheim cheated. Of course you guys won't write that because somebody said it. Without Jim Boeheim the Big East wouldn't have lasted ten ****ing years. OK? Not ten. The rest of the coaches just weren't ready, they needed him. Without him there, not ten. the NCAA wouldn't even be here for us to have this conversation about. And everyone is telling me and writing about Boeheim cheating? The most bullshit thing I have seen in thirty years. And especially when it comes from our sport's own fans, but you quote somebody else, an anonymous compliance officer. Let the compliance officer come up to me and say "Jim Boeheim cheated." I'd like to see one of them come up to me and say that. All of his moves were doubly scrutinized, and the voters voted him to the Hall of Fame in 2005. Because the voters don't know **** I guess.


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Why Syracuse did not receive the death penalty blows the mind.

1) Academic fraud? Check
2) Boosters paying players?  Check
3) Coaching staff involved?  Check