OT: SVSU Adidas basketball jersey

Submitted by SagNasty on January 31st, 2013 at 11:09 PM

On my way home from work last night I happened to catch a couple of minutes of the SVSU basketball game on the radio. The announcer mentioned that SVSU was wearing their red away jerseys because the white home jerseys were not available. He then told a story that the white jerseys had to be sent back because of a defect in the material , and that the plane that they were being shipped on crashed. Multiple players had to wear different numbers. 

Btw, the radio announcer  clearly stated that SVSU's jerseys are made by Adidas. So, I guess other schools are having issues with Adidas uniforms.

I didn't hear anything else about the plane crash and have not had a chance to research anything that would confirm this. But I don't think someone could make up a story like that.




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From Saginaw, went to Nouvel. I've witnessed so many references to Saginaw and board members being from Sag. Kinda crazy, living there my whole life it never seemed that big.


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adidas blows...I would honestly like to know what D Brandons real position on this is??... I know he hates the neon yellow and wants to slowly get back to the actual color of maize.

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I work for a team dealer, we sell equipment, uniforms, apparel and footwear to school accounts at the middle school, high school, and collegiate level.  We carry all the major brands including adidas.  

I loathe adidas.  They never have anything in stock and it's very difficult to sell their product.  Rarely do my accounts WANT adidas but from time to time i'm forced to check to see what they have available-which is usually nothing.  

As intelligent as Dave Brandon is-despite the fact that he has two first names-I can only hope that the business man in him will do whatever it takes to go back to Nike when this awful contract with adidas expires.  Hell, I wouldn't even mind seeing Michigan in Under Armour.  Just no more adidas please.


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The Milwaukee Panthers had the W on their jerseys misprinted by Adidas this season


in one game , JJ Panoske's front of his jersey was spelled Milwauke

Jerseys have rippedand other aspects

I want Nike back at Michigan

I can't stand Adidas