OT: Superbowl in NJ

Submitted by OSUMC Wolverine on May 26th, 2010 at 7:05 AM

Now that the NFL is going to have their championship game in the snow and cold outdoors in NJ, do you think the NCAA will have the moxy to do the same?  It would be fun to see southern teams have to come up and play in the ice and snow every other year.  The team activities during bowl week could include skiing, snow mobiling, and polar bears swims.  They would never want to go back home.



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That probably wouldn't happen for college football. I'm not so sure a Big Ten team would want that either. It's not like they play in January Soldier Field weather.


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Even if they did add another cold weather bowl (Humanitarian Bowl, Boise, ID, may be another one out there), it would be on the back end of the bowl prestige scale.  So, chances are no one would watch it anyway.  They certainly aren't going to move an already established bowl to the north.  Besides, I think there are about 34 bowl games now - that should be enough. 

I am pretty excited about a cold weather Super Bowl, though.  Too bad it won't happen for another  three years. 

OSUMC Wolverine

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I was thinking of a cold weather bowl game in the BCS fold, not just adding another second tier bowl.  The midwest may no longer be the hot bed of talent, if it ever was, it is still the capital of football fandom.  The Big Ten, even in a down period as much of the college football world thinks it is for us, is still the most lucrative conference out there.

Maize and Blue…

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to the week of partying that goes on.  I went to the Denver/Atlanta SB in Miami and the game was anticlimatic tto what had happened Tuesday-Saturday.  Atlanta fans were down in droves even though most of them weren't going to the game.  This will not happen in a cold weather site as organizing all the outside activities that were available isn't possible. 

Hotel prices skyrocketed in the Miami area for the week and with NY's already being pricey I hate to think how much a room is going to cost.  It's also a corporate crowd that is not necessarily affliated with the teams in the game.  It should be interesting to see what kind of entertainment they can line up and how prices for tickets go on the scalping market.


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record setting blizzard the day of the game and the temp hovers around -10.  All of the media complained when they went to Detroit for the game, wait until its actually played outside.


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All of the media complained when they went to Detroit for the game, wait until its actually played outside.

It's not like the media has stand on the sidelines during the game. They will spend the week in hotel conference rooms and in heated suites. The most they'll be outside is when they catch the bus to go to the game.


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People are making too big a deal about the weather for the game. It could rain in Tampa or Miami which is usually a huge disadvantage for one of the teams. The only people complaining or people who whine when its 50 degrees. These are football players they can deal with it.


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....some in and around the NFL are admitting to being a bunch of p****ies who can't deal with a little cold weather:



If this is true, I'm done with the NFL. I've played in plenty of pickup games in 15F, whiteout conditions. I don't know how these overpaid crybabies can call themselves men if they can't deal with a little cold weather.