OT: Super Bowl Halftime Show

Submitted by VCavman24 on February 2nd, 2015 at 1:10 AM
So since the game and the possible worst call ever are being analyzed to death, what did everyone think about the halftime show? I was surprised as to how good Katy Perry's voice sounded (and I'm a neutral listener of her stuff) and liked they didn't focus too much on her, well, chest. Though while I thought the dancing sharks and lion were cool, the effects were overdone. Pretty good overall still. Although it doesn't compare to, IMO, the best halftime show ever of U2 in 2002.



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There was another tweet last night which had me on the floor honestly, and it contained an obscure Pokemon reference with regards to Perry's outfit. Basically, it was a still shot of her and then below that a rendering of Magmar, whose coloration was suspiciously similar to that dress. 

"RT For Katy Perry, FAV for Magmar" or something like that. I wish I had saved it. 


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Seriously? Dude.....

Queens of the Stone Age
Black Keys
Porcupine Tree
Nothing More
Coheed and Cambria
Pearl Jam
Thank You Scientist
Silversun Pickups
Royal Blood
Alice in Chains
Devin Townshend
Minus The Bear
The Mars Volta
The Gaslight Anthem
There Will Be Fireworks
Alkaline Trio

These have all come out with albums in the past decade. I suggest you check them out. If you can't find any good music, it's because you aren't looking.


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See, I don't really like most of this guy's list either, but it shows that there is something out there for everyone. My list would be something like: Radiohead, Deerhunter, Destroyer, Arcade Fire, Flying Lotus, Andrew Bird, Beach House, J Dilla, Cass McCombs, St Vincent, Dirty Projectors, Fleet Foxes, DOOM, Daft Punk, Neutral Milk Hotel (touring again!), Animal Collective, Tame Impala, and yes, Kanye.

Hell, restrict yourself to artists from the A2 area: Matthew Dear, Shigeto, Saturday Looks Good to Me, Fred Thomas.

There's a ton of great stuff out there.


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Sinatra rolled over in the grave.  Really wonderful that this type of "music" is played for a family show.  Disgusting that my grandkids had to listen to this.

"Put the p**** on ya like I told ya

Gimme all your numbers so I could phone ya
Your girl actin? skank then call me over
Not on the bed, lay me on your sofa
Phone before you come, I need to shave my chocha
You do or you don't or you will or won't ya
Go downtown and eat it like a vulture
See my hips and my tips, don't ya
See my a** and my lips, don't ya"


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The late 90s called and it wants its old white people back... 

Seriously don't get the flack Missy is getting. She was one of the best female rappers back in the day. She's not your typical "sexy" girl either. She had to rely on pure skill to make it. 

I wonder how many of these MGoBloggers would be raving about the halftime show if Eminem was in it instead, who by the way has much more vulgar lyrics. 




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I wouldn't call her one of the best female rappers back in the day.  She was a good pop act, but as a rapper she was meh.  She was half the rapper Bahamdia, or Mc Lyte, or Roxanne Shante was.  Hell I'll take in her prime Latifah over Missy, but Missy was a decent pop star in the late 90's.  I would put her a notch above da brat, foxy brown or  lil kim for sure.


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I blame pop culture and every kid in America growing up wanting to be a 'star' with all of the fame and bling, and not beign hungry enough to really learn the craft of great songwriting and singing and performing.  Its the American Idol era that has killed pop music by lowering expectations.

Im a musician and producer and I know what Im talkiing about.


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I heard a story that performers must now pay the Superbowl to play at halftime, not the other way around.  Any truth to this at all?