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Submitted by Red_Lee on April 6th, 2014 at 11:02 AM

Tigers are on later and I got some housework to do...but hey the temp is above freezing finally in the UP.  We got over a foot of snow on Friday so I made this gif in my free time.




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I let all three seasons end before I finally got into it (I tend to wait on things praised so heavily for some reason) and I luckily got away with NOTHING being spoiled. That said, I marathon'd the three seasons in about 2 weeks. LOVE THE SHOW! However, if any of the major events were spoiled for me the show would rate about an 8/10 instead of a 9.5. Great show. I'm just a marathon watcher so I'm still deciding whether to watch weekly from now on or risk spoilers and avoid until the season is over. Truly a show that has no sacred cows. Is the anti-Walking Dead in that everyone is fair game unlike the fact that TWD will only kill off Rick or Darryl if the ratings plummet and they need to spice it up. They may need to as I loved it but, as opposed to a show like GoT, you know that even if in the worst situation involving Rick/Darryl, they're making it. No suspense anymore and starting in season two, at least one episode in three (42 mins w/ commercials) was pointless talking that actually created major plot holes. Last TWD season was a joke sans 4 episodes, IMO. GoT, with help from being on HBO, is never boring. No "sacred cow" characters, many angles that get time in each episode, etc. If you jump in and haven't been spoiled, whenever it comes up make it VERY CLEAR that you don't want it spoiled......angrily if you must, LOL! Finally, last week there was a TWD topic where a comparison debate between it and Breaking Bad broke out. I feel like I'm the only person that thought Breaking Bad was not only bad but borderline awful. Maybe b/c I marathon'd it as well and could better identify flaws/holes/mcguffins? Either way, don't see the love for that show. Hal is Hal, sorry. I hated the wife but since she was the only one I felt anything for, I think she may have been the best on the show, ha! Hated her but at least I felt something. The bro-in-law was Mr. Magoo until the show had to make him Sherlock Holmes to start the end of the show. The timeline was a joke as S1E01-S5E2 was.....ONE YEAR. So, basically, from teacher to all that crazy shit/biggest meth dealer in America in.....365 days. Yeah. Then S5 is either while year. Meanwhile, Jessie (lamest, most irrational stereotype character ever......bitch!) clearly ages in that "one year" so much it's hilarious how hard the show had to hide it. Same for Junior. Etc. Just a terrible show, IMO. The hat thing being like Popeye spinach was just the definition of stupid. Could go on forever.....ANYWAY, if you dip into GoT, I advise clearing your schedule and plugging your ears as you will binge watch and if certain things are ruined you'll miss out on, IMO, 2-3 all time top TV moments.


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I think the HBOGo app is also free this weekend just for GoT. However, again, if wanting it free I don't know of a way ***coughTORRENTcough***. Gotta sneeze......hold up.....***aaahhhKICKASS.TOchooo! Sorry.

/Delete if suggesting another way to get it for free is wrong or sends me to Bolivia but both are the same: Something for nothing.


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I was at WMIII, maybe 40 feet from the cameras.  So every time I watch a video of anything that happened, including Hulk slamming Andre, it's like being there all over again.  I actually thought the Savage vs Steamboat match was much better, but Andre passing the torch to Hogan was possibly the most iconic moment in professional wrestling history.



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Love wrestlemania and the network is incredible.

Not to mention feeling like Warren Buffett these days for what WWE stock has done this year!

So is there officially no chance that Bryan doesn't get his moment tonight?

I still feel like Punk might show up today or on raw to begin a mega heel run as his departure still feels like a work to me.


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It's a balmy 50 degrees here in northern Ohio and I plan to grill some chicken I've had marinating overnight.  

And does anybody else not give a flying fuck for the title game tomorrow?  I cant remember a game of this magnitude I was looking forward to less.  I don't particulary like or even dislike either program (so i cant root againts one of them) and I'm not even sure I'm going to watch it at all.  


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But at least in that game I could root for Butler, as a plucky mid-major, to win it all.  This one just features to middle-of-the pack power conference teams that got hot at the right time.  And in the case of Kentucky a crappy shooter gets rewarded not once, not twice but THREE times in a row with a desparation three for them to advance.

Jack Bauer

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Long time reader first time poster.

I have about 45 mens basketball tapes from 85-94, mainly 1989 road to the final four and 91-93 and 13 DVD of mens football games from 2006 that I need to get rid of. I was going to copy the tapes to another media but just not have gotten around to it. I will pay for shipping or can arrange for pick up aropund the Dallas/Fort Worth area in exchange for digital copies(will provide hard drive) of these if someone wants to take this on.

Thanks all.

Gulo Gulo Luscus

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i understand the hesitance to make a board post about this, but you'd get better traction than you will from this comment.  there may not be a ton of responses, but no one will perceive that as cluttering the board (there have been many posts around here about old game tapes to be given away/sold/digitized) and there is definitely a small segment of readers who may take you up on the offer.

Jack Bauer

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Thank you for the helpful reply I appreciate it. Unfortunately I do not have enough points to create a board post. Any other suggestions or ideas would be welcome. 

I guess I can get of the sidelines and start participating, this maybe the best option. Teach a man to fish........


Rather be on BA

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Work until 2pm, lift weights, play elder scrolls online, watch Game of Thrones, play more elder scrolls online since I don't have to work tomorrow.

Good day in my estimation.


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It's Spring cleaning day for me. My 7 month old finally learned how to crawl (really fast and really far) this past week, so half ass picking up won't do anymore. Maybe buying that carpet cleaner won't turn out to be a bad investment after all. Next weekend will be the dreaded babyproofing day. Being an adult sucks sometimes.


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Welp, in my house I have 2 desktops, 3 laptops, 3 bigscreens (with multiple game systems, blu-ray/dvd players and cable boxes connected to each one )and 5 large bookcases, each one completely packed with books/games/dvds. This means a lot of hanging wires, surge protectors and shelves that can be tipped over without a ton of effort. Yeah, I'm gonna just go ahead and babyproof my place anyways.


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I've just noticed that there hasn't been any new front page content for TWO DAYS.  Arghrabblerabble.

On a more serious note, I've spent most of the weekend binge watching Seinfeld, and will probably continue that today with a slight break for Game of Thrones.


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Watching the Tigers later, taking the wife out to dinner and bemoaning the unfairness in the sports world that somehow Calipari is about to win his second National Championship in three years. So much for my hope that a second straight down year this year would put a damper on his recruiting.

Oh well, at least spring looks to have finally arrived in NC full-time, so time to again attempt to salvage something from my yard. Maybe this year I can get some grass to grow consistently.


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My Sunday's already finished, and I'm off to bed. I live in Korea, so I'm from the future. If you have any questions about what happens in the world in the next 12 hours, let me know. That's how time works, right?


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My Sunday whatever contribution... Not a fan of Starbucks but I stopped in while waiting for my oil change and I think there's a fake jugs and yoga pants meeting here right now. What a glorious start to a Sunday. For the record, it's the Starbucks on 17th in Costa Mesa, ca. You're welcome.


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It is supposed to be in the mid 50s here today, so naturally I am here in the Canton Jungle Java typing on my wife's Kindle. We're actually trying to wear the kids down a bit as they seem to be extra hyper right now. Later on, I will be in front of they Tigers game and it will be a nice thing to be able to watch with more mellow kids.