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 Let me start by saying I was born in Ohio and have lived out west with my wife and 3 children for 16 years now. I used to travel back and forth every few years to visit family but, the expense was too much and so it's been 6 years since I have traveled home. I had been watching my kids cousins grow up through social media for years and it started to get to me. 

 I get a call out of the blue from my wife while she is at work asking me if I would like to attend the Michigan vs. Ohio state game this year or if I would like to just have a party with friends for The Game. My first thought was, are you kidding?!! I'll go to The Game! She explained she had the option for tickets in the first 10 rows of section 22 ( so not bad tickets at all), right around the 30-40 yard line. She went on to explain that if I didn't go, we could just have a party with friends back home...in Ohio!

 So for the last month, my wife had been planning a surprise party for me back home and wanted to top it off with my first ever, live, in person Ohio State / Michigan game. When the situation was fully explained of course I had to decline The Game. It freed up more money and more time to spend with the family back home.I am the lone Michigan fan in my family and my circle of friends, so I wanted to share with folks who share my love for the Maize and Blue. Happy Saturday, Beat sate and Go Blue.



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Hear Hear! Beat the hell out of sate!

RE Shea:  He has the elusiveness of O'korn, the arm strength of Denard, & the accuracy of Tell (OK, maybe Nugent).

The schedule is shaping up quite nicely.  OSU looks beatable & we know that the other State opprobrious basterdz are!



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Your wife,was planning a surprise party for you with the expectation that you would stay in Ohio.  Your wife then floated to you the false option of you going to The Game.  You then declined the tickets because they weren’t really an option in first place bc that would mean you’d miss your own surprise party. That’s how I read your post.   Your wife is either evil incarnate or you left something out and therefore assume facts not in evidence in the mind of the reader.  But then I’m dense so that’s always an option C.


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Trust me when I say that you don’t wanna go to that shithole. The last time I went was 06 and those bastards are far worse now with the enabler. 


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You know, I've been to the Shoe a few times myself, and I will say that it is worth it if you're checking off a list of historic football venues or on a mission to visit all the venues in the conference (I've not been to TCF Bank Field or High Point Solutions Stadium, but over the years, I've been to the rest). A trip to the Shoe for most other reasons? Not worth the grief.


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If your going just as an observer than fine. If your wear a block M shirt then it’s the equivalent of a root canal with no Novocain. In 06 I paid a grand to set behind a concrete pillar, although I did have a tiny TV to see what was going on in the game. Add the 60 yr old hag with cigarette breath shouting obscenities at me the entire time and it was awesome. Finished off by a loss and the nauseating smell of tear gas on my walk out....it was friggin great. 

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I went in ‘14 (I lived in Columbus and my father in law offered me his tickets), and I was surprised in that I wasn’t really heckled once. Got a couple of friendly jabs from my father in law’s coworkers, but nothing even remotely terrible.

Probably because we were awful that year and not perceived as a threat, but still, I was expecting at least one obnoxiously drunk student to run up to me, flick me off, and yell something to the tune of fuck Michigan. But still...nothing.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to go when we’re actually good and have something to play for. I’ve heard horror stories about tires being slashed, car sidings being keyed, and fans trying to draw you out into fights.


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I live and work in Columbus and have for 9 years. I drive a truck with Michigan alumni plates and wear Michigan gear constantly. I have never once had a bad experience with an Ohio State fan - the vast majority of people say nothing and a very small minority give some polite good-natured rubbing. I am convinced the stories are WAY overblown. 


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I have never had a bad experience at the shoe.  The fans around me have always been good natured and I've never been heckled once.  Went in 04 for the Henne beat down, 06 for the bullshit call on Crable and 10 for RR's swan song.  Very cold that last one.  However, I never wear team colors on game day ever.  Bad juju.  So no sideways block M sigma cape or anything like that inviting ridicule so YMMV.