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Submitted by MichiganFan1984 on June 26th, 2018 at 5:33 PM

Hi everyone. I have learned quite a bit lately about stress and how bad it is for you. In fact 90% of all Illness can be attributed to stress. 

Nothing relieves stress for me like a Fall Saturday when I can watch Michigan play. Besides those saturdays, which unfortunately are only about 12 days a year, I watch movies, play video games, exercise, golf (only able to go about 10 times a year) and go to church (only go about once a month) to relieve stress. I love to read, but that is one of the things I can’t focus on when I’m stressed. Worrying is my biggest issue and I really have been trying to get over that cause I know it’s awful for me. 

After learning how bad stress is and knowing that we all deal with it, I was curious what everyone does to relieve stress other than watch Michigan. Also any tips on reducing worry would be interesting as well. Saying things that you do that actually cause more stress or illness won’t help anyone, but I’m sure the community will enjoy the humor. 

I hope everyone’s having a good week. Peace out. 



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BTW visual stimulants like video games, cell phones in general, and even t.v. actually create anxiety/stress. If I pick up a controller for some xbox or something I generally cant settle my brain down enough to sleep for about an hour and a half. Things that you think might calm you down might actually do the opposite. 

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June 27th, 2018 at 7:44 AM ^

This is a very gray area.  While stress is not known to be the direct and proximate cause of illness, it is well known to be a contributing factor, by making one more susceptible to disease.  It affects the immune system, as well as the cardiovascular system and the digestive system.  So, while I would not argue that stress causes athlete's foot, I would certainly argue that it increases the likelihood of heart attack, stroke, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and numerous other conditions.  There's really no need to argue over the 90% number; but you can be sure that stress is a major contributing factor to a host of illnesses, both physical and, even more so, mental.


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If I want to avoid stress altogether, the last thing in the world I'm going to do is watch Michigan football, regardless of who we're playing.

Watching soccer is the exact opposite for me—it puts me in a blissful, drowsy state that's very similar to unconsciousness.


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Yeah...  I tend to pace up and down, move to different seats, and flip off the opposing teams through the TV.  Watching Michigan football is anything but stress free!  Especially when its a big game, or one that is too close...  Same with ball, to a somewhat lesser extent - except when the tourney is in play.


June 27th, 2018 at 4:51 AM ^

After being a fan for almost five decades, I've learned to only watch the games at home, and by myself. Never ever in public.

At those stressful moments during a game, I tend to blurt comments that are not appreciated by the world at large. Things like "That spot was wrong!" and "Where the hell is the flag?" and "Will you please take that stupid Pepcat package and shove it up your ass! Everybody knows who's getting the ball! It's not fooling anybody!"

Only I say them with much more volume and vehemence and vulgarity. And they tend to frown on that at Buffalo Wild Wings.


June 27th, 2018 at 1:34 PM ^

I watch baseball for relaxation.  MLB Tonight is great, too. I can't watch soccer and only enjoy football when my team is playing (which is not relaxing).

I can't tell you how many bad days I've had that were washed away by a simple 90 minute baseball practice.  I coach my son and have so much fun working with the boys and watching them get better.

I've learned that the same mistakes they make I can see on MLB Tonight highlights, so I don't get too worked up when they miss a grounder or make a bad throw.

My other relaxation trick is to turn on one of my 300+ song Spotify playlists, get a cigar, and sit outside for an hour.


June 27th, 2018 at 9:26 AM ^

I had the same thought about stress and UM football. Hell those games will stress me when we are playing. I have gotten to a point where I don't let them bother me when they are over, even a bad loss. But during the game I am into it and cheering and stressing about the game.


June 27th, 2018 at 12:46 PM ^

My problem was the Wings playing in the Western Conference playoffs.  10pm start, 3-2 game in the third...game over at 1...but trying to calm down to sleep after the last 5 minutes of a 1 goal playoff hockey game is like trying to put a baby down with the vacuum cleaner and the lights on. 


June 26th, 2018 at 5:38 PM ^

Honestly I used to struggle with stress in my job and my coaching. It made me sick and caused some issues. I decided to step away from coaching, and eventually reached a point of accepting the mantra, "control the things I can, ignore the things I can't." While not a blanket coverall, it does help with a lot of things and has probably reduced my stress levels significantly. The other factors clearly exercise, rest, meditation, etc. It's remarkable what a difference 'buy in' can make if you want to accomplish something. Just seeing things in level of importance makes a huge impact for me. Doesn't solve all stress, doesn't make life perfect, but if it cuts 50% of the nonsense out, that's a big dent.


June 27th, 2018 at 9:42 AM ^

My stress mainly comes from work.  I know I put a lot of the stress on myself because I want to do a good job and hate to disappoint.  I like my products to look good and work and feel embarrassed when there is a failure.  The other part of the stress is the fact that the company way over promises and under staffs my projects so the responsibility falls to me to make it happen. 

I had a motto that worked for me a lot in college and my first few jobs. "Things work out for me." and this let me not worry about a lot of life. The motto works not in the way of winning stuff or being super athletic or super smart, but in general, things have worked out for me.  I've always had a job. I've done well at those jobs. I got into Michigan, I did ok at Michigan. I found a wife, I have a house.  I need to focus more on this, because in general, things aren't worth the worry or stress, because in the end, things will work out.

Having three young boys is stressful too, but that's a whole different thing. 


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I like to rub warm cocao butter on my fun bits and pretend my roommates are rodeo horses and my name is Kevin with H. so . . . Khevin.  I'd say what worries them is also this.   


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No, 90% of all illness can absolutely not be attributed to stress. That is just incorrect.


I work out, I drink beer, I watch TV shows/Movies that I like, and I engage in romantic activities with my very attractive wife. Pretty normal stress relievers, but they do the trick for me.


June 26th, 2018 at 5:45 PM ^

Michigan football is not a stress-free hobby by any stretch of the imagination. Just look at the board last week, how stressed out people were by recruiting stuff in the darkest point of the offseason. 

Michigan football is fun and rewarding, but it doesn't "relieve stress."

I would take issue with the "90%" figure. I don't believe there's any evidence for it, and quite a bit of evidence against. Still, stress can be difficult.

How do I deal with it? Well, I'm not perfect. But I try to limit my stress intake. For one, I don't watch tv news networks, because those are designed to get you upset; so is talk radio, and a fair amount of partisan social media as well. Its whole purpose is to raise your stress and anger level to keep you coming back. It is possible to be informed and have an opinion without constantly getting cued into a frothing rage, and I highly recommend it.

For two, I try to spend time with my family. When I'm doing fun (or even just pleasantly meaningless) stuff with my wife & kids life just gets better. I find myself smiling more, and I feel good about it afterwards.

For three, I do try to find things that I enjoy that have nothing to do with work or life. Different hobbies for different people. But it's something I can do alone or with someone that's just carefree and fun. Even an hour or two of time just doing that is a help. 

My #1 key, though? My relationship with [topic considered verbotten on Mgoblog but closely relates to my occupation]. It's everything. Through every valley of life, through every challenge greater than myself. Nothing more important.

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I'll say it for you...Our relationship with JESUS. You are giving an honest response to an honest question...nothing verbotten about that. It's not even about "Religion". It's about having an actual relationship with the King of the Universe. In my life, there is no greater stress-reliever than "Casting all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you." You can call it crazy all you want (like I used to), but until you experience the peace for yourself...it will change your life.