OT: Stitt article titled "your coach's favorite coach"

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Pretty interesting, would like to have some more depth. I like how Stitt simply changed the execution of certain plays like the jet sweep and tunnel screen examples to incredible effect. He did not see the constraint and simply not use the play or try to out-execute, he just changed the rules. I am interested to see what this guy does up at Montana.






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Great article but one quick question.  Wouldnt Stitt be our curator's favorite coach, not our coaches favorite coach?

Perhaps Harbaugh has spoken glowingly of Stitt in the past I missed it and if so mea culpa but I sure as heck now Brian waxed poetic on the dude serveral times.


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I understand people's respect for him as a football coach with an interesting knack for creating plays.  I laughed when people on this site would list him as a candidate for the Michigan job and weren't doing so sarcastically.

But really, this has nothing remotely to do with Michigan athletics, the football team, the offense we will run, etc.

Nothing could be more OT at this point.  Though it was a semi-interesting fluff-piece.


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This is a football wonk fansite; Brian considers the ultra-wonky UFR to be the site's calling card, and features like picture pages and whatever Seth's technical analysis column is called this year also provide insite into how the game is played on the field.

In this environment Stitt is a well-known innovator of interest to people who dig that kind of thing. And this article is not just fluff, since it gives several well-described examples of plays that Stitt has improved and how it happened.

You're way off base.


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Last season, the Orediggers averaged 89.9 plays per game, which was more than Baylor, Oregon and West Virginia averaged in the FBS.

I think they averaged north of 500 yards per game too, so you're getting into the neighborhood of nearly 6 yards per play on average, and also something like 0.4 points per play if I am remembering their average socring right, which isn't bad at all at any level. You could make the argument "Division II....level of competition....available talent....grumble grumble", of course, but on paper the numbers aren't bad at all and would give one hope that - if he took a Division I job - he would probably do well if he could implement some version of his system. 



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It is, and as most folks around here know, it is more of a narrowing of focus rather than an absolute prohibition. Actually, this thread really is not OT (Stitt got rather a lot of mention back in the CC days of last fall), but more on the outer fringes of on-topic since college sports in general isn't automatically OT - it is in the "gray area" per the official FAQ (in other words, use your best judgment). In this instance, the tag is not quite accurate.