OT: "Stickin with Ficken!" & Unfortunate German Surnames

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swan flu

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Good thing my  grandmother's father's family did not produce a shitty kicker for PSU... otherwise the campaign might have a slogan of "We still love Dicks!"


Yes, my German grandmother's maiden name is Dicks.  Germans are wierd.


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Alright then, let's hijack this thread into a weird or cool German ancenstry surname thread.

My Grandma's maiden name was Leider, which seriously translates to:

Leider  adv  Unfortunately



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One, there is a roadside stand there outside of an old Amish farmhouse that sells Amish Homeade Rootbeer. CONSUME IT! Also, the adorable little girl that lives there and works the stand probably won't be an adorable little girl by the time you get there, but sseriously, when we were there, she was adorable. SRSLY.

Two, there is a shop in town that sells jalapeno pickled eggs. DO NOT CONSUME IT! Again, SRSLY.

Blue Durham

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is limited to wine. When a wine (or anything else for that matter) comes from a particular place or village, an -er is added to the name. Hence a wine from Wehlen is called Wehlener, etc. Like hamberger and frankfurter for a meat type originating from their respective town.

I assume that people from this village are all Wankers.


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complaints about existence of thread about PSU kicker leaving team: ~10

complaints about existence of thread about what PSU kicker's name means in german: 0