OT-Sterling has prostate cancer

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It's apparently been know for at least 2 years. Interesting (or not) that this gets "leaked" now. He's 80 years old and has prostate cancer. I obviously don't know anything about his staging, but he's probably more likely to die WITH it than BECAUSE of it. And my vote is, "No," having cancer does not get you off the hook for being a bad person.


Mr. Yost

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You're blantant ignornat and quite racist yourself. Oh wait, no you're not...because you have 'x' amount of black friends...so you're okay.


Some slave masters had black friends, some had black girlfriends, others gave their slaves promotions and even gave them money or gifts for their work at times.

But they still believed, profited from, and chose to accept the institution of slavery. They still believed they were a supreme race who had the right to own, abuse, rape, and murder another race...because to them, that race was property. They still discriminated and displayed all types of prejudice.

But just because they did those "nice" things for their slaves...they're okay? Slavery is now justified? It was alright?

...it's extreme, I know, but it's the same train of thought. You're saying because Sterling had a team full of African American players and an African American head coach, he's now allowed to do and say what he wants without penalty? He's now allowed to display the racism and discrimination that he's shown at least the past 20 (documented) years?

Get the fuck out of here. It's this type of thinking that YOU display for being a key reason why progress is so hard in this country. Just the fact that you could type, what you thought was a joke and display this type of ignorance is amazing.

You don't have to like the media attention, you can be pissed that he was basically set up by his golddigging hoe of a girlfriend, but you can't dismiss his comments just because we all weren't supposed to hear them. Or you can, and that is why I've used the word ignorant so many times...uneducated would be another solid choice...either way, it accurately describes your post.


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you post someone's medical hardship on here. I dont care if it was public knowledge or not, HIPPA ethics still apply. Hopefully you never come down with anything but if you do you better hope no one posts your personal/health business on a message board! Let the racist be racist and do what YOU can to make the world a better place.


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This is clearly Donald Sterling PR people leaking this information in an effort to garner sympathy. 

Also, I guess we should stop posting threads when ex-Wolverine athletes have cancer so that we can do fundraising drives for them, because we wouldn't want to violate HIPAA.


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Your post is a bunch of sanctimonious drivel that doesn't even make sense. I responded to you and your response was also nonsensical.

Do you want us to stop doing cancer drives for ex-Michigan athletes because posting "So and so has cancer, so we should help them out," violates HIPAA?

Do you know for certain that this violates HIPAA, because you posted it as "HIPPA?"

EDIT: I  mean, this is being reported by CBS News, ABC News, FOX News, NBC News, ESPN, and just about every other news outlet big and small.

It's also not a violation of a person's privacy if they leak the information themselves.

I'm telling you to think with your head. Use some common sense. That's one of my good deeds for the day.


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I'm not trying to enforce the law. Neither of us are health care providers(I'm assuming) so neither of us have to adhere to that policy, technically. I was just suggesting that perhaps we should respect people's privacy.

Did I ever say I'm not in support of a fund raiser for someone who has cancer, which is not the case for this thread. If that was the OP's intention I apologize, is this a fund raising thread? I just felt like the OP was trying to pile on the negative bandwagon and celebrate the fact that this asshole got cancer.

You claimed his PR leaked it, not him(yes I know they are advised by him), any proof?

You come off as a real douche man, relax, smoke a lil, go get some poontang,life will be a lot less serious. I get off work in 3 minutes, enjoy YOUR day.


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And I said you were being sanctamonious.

Why are you assuming the worst about OP? Maybe he was just passing along another major piece of national news from what has been the single biggest national news story of the past week.

Yes, I'm claiming his PR leaked it. No, I don't have any proof, just like you don't have any proof about OP being a douche but you chose to believe the worst of him anyway. It just seems like such a calculated thing to do and being very well versed in Donald Sterling's history (much more than you're versed in OP's) I'm assuming that this was a PR move.

As someone else pointed out, yesterday there were a bunch of sad stories leaked about the death of his son. Now, today it just so happens it's leaked he has cancer, even though he's been battling it for years and kept it private. The info just so happens to come out when he is in dire need of some sympathy. I wasn't born yesterday.

Oh, and...


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You came into this thread essentially declaring everyone posting in here to be your moral and ethical inferior, chastising us for not living up to your high ethical standards, and I'm the douche for being rubbed the wrong way by that?


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But, what I now understand is that most of you males writing things about prostate cancer might step back because, based on what I've read, most of you are misinformed. To set the record straight-lots of 80 year olds die a horrible, painful death from prostate cancer. 28,000 men will die from prostate cancer in 2014. Screening for prostate cancer in the US, because of our fee-for-service system, is done haphazardly and incorrectly most of the time. If you're over the age of 40 you should know your PSA and your urologist. And finally, Donald Sterling has been a complete bastard, racist for a lot longer than he's owned the Clippers and the NBA has known this. So when the sponsors started to bail the NBA acted...money talks.


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Is a broad category somewhat like 'cancer' is a broad category. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death from malignancy and I would say that 28,000 is a lot. At the same time, morbidities from the unnecessary diagnosis and treatment of this disease is significant