OT: Stay Classy, Kentucky fans

Submitted by The Mad Hatter on October 4th, 2017 at 11:38 AM

The anger went nuclear shortly after the final buzzer...

The legal complaint says Kentucky fans were so irate over the Elite Eight finish they viciously harassed Higgins and his family, including clogging his roofing business with negative comments and even threatening the referee’s life. When Higgins returned to the court to referee the 2017 NCAA championship game, he had to be protected by a bodyguard.






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Kentucky basketball, Louisville basketball, OSU football, Alabama football, MSU football, MSU basketball, or even Florida, LSU or Ole MIss football. That story wouldn't surprise me about any of those fan bases. 


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So, does being the bigger of 2 assholes mean the refs side with you(in our M @ OSU last year)? If this is the case I could stand to be an asshole one time I the year every year if that is the case. #DAMNREFSMAKINGDECISIONSBECAUSETHRYARESCAREDOFTHEHOMEFIELDFANSBULLSHIT


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We all knew this happened back in March, but the reason this is in the news again is that Mr. Higgins has filed a lawsuit against a Lexington radio station for giving out his business name, phone number, and website, and indirectly encouraging its listeners to harass him.

I think he has a case, but I would be interested to hear from MGoLawyers about it.

The Mad Hatter

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John personally came out to fix my roof. I’ll say this guy was very professional. He clogged my toilet and didn’t tell anyone. I tried to get him to come back and finish my roof and he came back the next day showing up three hours late, smelling of tequila and strippers.


Had this guy do my roofing. He came home from work, and he was getting it on with my wife. And he also stole my dog. I hate him.


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business or economic expectations/advantage (different names in different jurisdictions).  to post the roofing company info which has no bearing whatsoever on the ref'ing issues is a direct effort to trash the guy's business.  sounds like he might have a winner in the law suit, and he should.  

oriental andrew

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The article indicates that the radio station/host also posted his HOME phone number online. I'm sure there has to be some additional cause of action based on that, which would be apart from the interference with business. If they had threatening and harrassing calls at home, perhaps at all hours of the day and night, I would assume that's a separate cause of action. 

Barn Animal

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I live in Cincinnati around Ohio State fans (who are terrible). But I will have to say that Kentuckey basketball fans are the of the worst fans I have ever encountered.


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There's a song they play in the Carribean that's like this.

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I don't blame the guy for the lawsuit...  Horrible call, or not, keep it on the court - he didn't deserve that kind of treatment.

But those officials in the OSU game?  Yeah, they deserve shit like this guy went through...

Mike Damone

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believe those idiots at Kentucky Sports Radio would give out this ref's personal contact information.  What in the hell were they thinking?

He should sue - and I hope he wins.  I understand that "fan" is short for "fanatic" - but there is a line, and these classless morons crossed it!