OT - Start to Detroit Tiger's season

Submitted by Maizerage05 on May 3rd, 2010 at 5:31 PM
After the Tigers started the season 6-3 with 3 @ KC and then a homestand against Cleveland and KC, thier next 30 games looked to be extremely difficult, all with only 1 day off:
3 @ Seattle
4 @ LA Angels
4 @ Texas
3 vs Minnesota
3 vs LA Angels
3 @ Minnesota
3 @ Cleveland
4 vs NY Yankees
3 vs Boston

I thought they needed to go 16-14 in this stretch to prove they would be contenders. So far they are 10-7, so they need to go 6-7 in the next 2 weeks. I think we are in for another exciting summer of Tiger baseball.



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That user posts (posted?) almost daily updates about the Red Wings. Most of the time they were jumbled, incoherent summaries of the previous nights game.

This post here is somewhat jumbled and incoherent, and whatever opinions you state you give absolutely no backing to. I don't really understand why you listed their schedule.

Maybe I'm being harsh, but I don't think this is a good post and I think you should maybe take a timeout before trying again.

And you upvoted your own post, signature big_house move.


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I should have done this first, but I went back to see what the_big_house's posts were like to see what I was being compared to.  I didn't realize it was wrong to upvote your own posts, won't make that mistake again.


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baseball is the most unpredictable sport there is, IME. For instance, how do you predict the future when it seems likely that someone like Austin Jackson PROBABLY isn't going to hit .367 all year. Who picks up his hits? What about the bullpen? Six of the seven guys have ERA's of under 3.00 with five of those six going under 2.00. How do they keep this up? On the other hand, the starters should probably improve on their performance to this point. It sure will be interesting. However, I do think this is a Twins-Tigers race for the Central Title.

david from wyoming

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I object. From a game to game basis, you can't predict baseball. Over the entire season, I think baseball is very predictable, once you account for the randomness of injuries. If you take April numbers and extrapolate for the rest of the season, you will fail. But if you take in all the data possible, team records and personal numbers can be simulated very well. accuscore.com does a great job with baseball.


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And for baseball being such a numbers and stats focused game, stats can be flawed as well.  Of course we cannot expect Jackson to maintain a .367 pace or probable even a +.300 pace.  Nor can we expect the pen to all keep ERA's under 3.00.

However, what if Jackson bats .250 but those hits come in clutch situations with runners on or to start a rally?  Same thing goes for RBI and HR numbers.  A clutch RBI or HR is much more important but doesn't show up in the stats as one where the game is 10-0.  What if Valverde gives up 2 runs in three straight save situations (ERA 18.00 in 3 straight games) but gets the save each time because the Tigers were up by three?  Again stats can be misleading.

So far the Tigers have had some great comebacks thanks to a stellar pen and lately the starting pitching seems to be heating up.  Would love to see Scherzer keep up this string of solid Tiger starts tonight.


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It's really looking like we got the best of the Yankees and Arizona in the offseason trades.  In my opinion, we are in a rare situation in which it is kind of a transition year roster-wise, and yet it looks as though we should be in contention for the division.  I really think this division comes down to the Tigers and Twins again.  But the Tigers do have much more upside from their young players than the Twins do.


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FA, you are my hero for bringing up the Polo Grounds.  I wish that park was still around because there definitely needs to be a stadium with a small cutout that makes it 485' to center.

As for the L.A. Coliseum, they did host a Dodgers exhibition game a few years ago (attended by 115,300 people) in commemoration of the team's 50th Anniversary of their move to the west coast. (Note the giant net in left field to eliminate on the 200+ foot home run).


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But our run differential sucks.  After the last game we're at +6.

In contrast, Tampa is +67, New York is +50,  Minnesota is +41, and St. Louis is +44.

Team differentials like the Tigers (16-11) +6 are:

Chicago Cubs (16-13) +13

Toronto (14-13) +11

Florida Marlins (13-12) +9

Steve Lorenz

May 4th, 2010 at 11:31 AM ^

A lot of this is also due to our inability to knock runners in that are already on base. We're near the top of the league in OBP, but also near the top in men left on base (LOB). This should normalize a bit more and as long as our pitching can stay consistent that number should rise.