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Battlefront Trailer just dropped!  




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Minecraft.  OMG Minecraft!  My son will play that game for days, literally, days, if he is allowed to.  I don't know what they put in that game but I have never seen this level of obsession.

Granted, my boy is a gamer for life, no question, but I have to nip this in the bud.  He literally can't talk about anything else.


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My son is the same.  Christ.  I can't believe how addictive that game is for kids.  My son has probably put 500 hours into it over the past year.  Every task or chore, whether it is emptying the dishwasher or practicing violin, is now paid off in Minecraft time currency.  When he has his best friend over, it's right to the PS3 to play Minecraft unless we force them to do something else.  It's the only priviledge that he cares about nowadays.  The controller is surgically welded to his fingers and I have to pry it off with a crowbar to get him to come and eat dinner or do homework.  The only game where I was ever like that was the original Civilization, but even that addiction only lasted a few months.  I can't wait until he finally gets tired of that crap.  But I have been waiting for what feels like forever.     


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son has been is the the thick of things now going on about four months.  Everything we try to talk about with him somehow finds its way to "creepers" and "diamond armor Steve."  "What do you think that would look like on Minecraft Dad?"  "Do you think a Villager could do that dad?" 

If he has the itch you probably have a good year before you see the end of it.  It has shown no signs of letting up with mine.


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seriously, a parent-directed home is really a blessing.  otherwise you end up raising little terrorists who you try to appease with various bribes/ransoms.    kids need your time and attention, not your $ to buy 'stuff'.  go do a 4-H project, start a garden, throw the football with them, do track events in the front yard, teach them how to safely use a chain saw or a gun or some type of tool that might be relevant to their resourcefulness, maybe how to make diesel fuel from vegetable oil, hike, bike, run, hunt, fish, swim, coach their team of whatever sport they might play, put the ipad down, the phone down, step away from the computer (yes, i need to read that one once in a while) and get after it!  children are a blessing from the Lord, don't let a TV and a small computer raise them - it's your job and your calling. 


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you a parent? And why would you not count me and my son having a blast on a winter afternoon playing Lego Avengers in your list of ways to bond with our little "gifts from god.". Get off your high horse man. There are lots of different kinds of kids. Remind me to call you when I want my son to go chain-sawing.


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and responding to the loving mgoparents above who are not pleased with their childrens' 'addiction' (their words) to video games.  a fun afternoon with your son playing those games, good for you, really.  but that's not what they are lamenting in the above posts. 

and you are welcome to call and bring your son to the farm.   we'll put him to work and have some fun.  you too.

rob f

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about him from a few posts in this blog, huh? 

I doubt you'll do it, but try searching the previous posts of "Xtra Melanin" or his previous account as "Quiverfull" and read the body of work he's posted over the last few years.  For all I know I might be wrong about him, but I doubt it. 

I have a 20-year old son who's as addicted to video games as some of the younger ones mentioned earlier in this thread.  Like so many other things, video games can be a healthy activity in moderation; when it becomes an obsession it's really not much unlike a gambling addiction or a multitude of other addictions.  With my son, he's cut back quite a bit now that he has a new job and other interests and is thinking about starting college this fall, but for about a year or so immediately after high school, he practically lived to game.   

I think what Quiverfull was suggesting was, in effect, that offering a kid healthy alternatives to video games, things that would challenge the child or children in a positive way, is a very valid tactic for a parent to take.  After all, pointing a kid in the right direction still is a permissable role for a parent, isn't it?

Hannibal appears to have the right idea with his son, too.  He rewards him with "minecraft currency", as I believe he described it, for doing his chores, homework, etc. .   In other words, life priorities are being taught, with the video game being the reward for positive behavior


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 how you get that spun up about such a benign post is really amazing.  my city-slicker friends like visiting our modest little farm, especially with their kids.   how you got wrapped around the axle about an invitation, well, good luck with that response as my guess is that attitude has probably not been helpful to you in many other parts of your life.  instead of name calling, i'll just tell you to have a good night, unless of course that is somehow insulting to you in which case can please fill in the blank____________ with some response from me that makes you not upset. 


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Then comes the victimization role. Yep, you check all the boxes. "You start off your visit to the thread with a snarly rhetorical question, passively insult every parent who is not you, and now you get to leave the thread with your belief that you are the smartest and kindness person in the world. You are transparent. I am not a "kid" and i am as reasonable as they come, I just see right through you. I dont make "enemies" because I am genuine and don't talk shit with a smile on my face. No hard feelings. Keep doing what you do. You probably are a skilled manipulator and that can be impressive to people who don't understand it.

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Video games are like any other medium. There's plenty of good and bad. In many ways they're superior to all others. The Minecraft example is excellent for teaching everything from creative thinking to resource management. "Video games" are a large part of the future when it comes to various forms of education and training.

Btw- I'm 38 and typically I'm all for "getting of my lawn"...  


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My little nephew LOVES that game. He wants to play it constantly, but he isn't able to build much, so in reality he wants me to play Minecraft all the time, but I can't build what I want, he wants me to build what he wants for him, apparently I'm doing it wrong. Doesn't stop him from making me play, unfortunately


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I would change the title to "Star Wars Battlefront trailer", just because a lot of folks are going to assume this is the movie trailer posted earlier 


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Yes, there is, never said there wasn't. But it wasn't in the deep forest engaged in combat. It was near the landing pad in a relatively cleared area. To think the AT-AT could make it through the tight forest without being ridiculously slow or falling over (do you remember how easy it was to lose balance in Empire?), is laughable. There's a reason they used the AT-STs.

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I just hope they find a way to expand on the space battle sequences they had in in the previous game. Either way, it looks amazing, and I'll be in line waiting to get my copy.