OT: Stanley Cup Final on NBC

Submitted by s1105615 on May 28th, 2018 at 8:43 PM
Currently 1-0 Knights on he strength of a power play goal. I’m personally pulling for Ovechkin, but the story of a bunch of cast offs winning the Cup is pretty compelling too.



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Former Wolverine Kelly McCrimmon is their Assistant General Manager.  McCrimmon was captain of the 1983-84 Michigan team, and has spent most of the intervening time as Head Coach & GM of the Brandon Wheat Kings of the WHL, and has been the franchise owner since 2000.


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Was more than deserved, a spear to a mans lower back as he is tied up with another player and bent over is also a very serious injury waiting to happen. I don’t think a blindsided blast was warranted but he definitely had something coming his way.

And no I’m not a Caps fan, if you read the comments I very clearly said I don’t care who wins just want a good series.


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The lack of penalty there was a make up for the missed cross-check.  But I'd rather have a power play for that makeup, and give Wilson the penalty.


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A Vegas win in the SCF final would reduce the Stanley Cup to the level of a participation trophy and prove once and for all that pro sports are fixed, scripted garbage on the level of sports entertainment like WWE.


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Some of it is luck too. Karlsson shot 23% this season, which is just insane and (most likely) isn't sustainable.

For reference, guys like Malkin, Crosby, Ovechkin, McDavid, Kane have never had a season where they shot over 20%. Even Gretzky "only" had 6 seasons with a shooting % higher than 20%.

SMart WolveFan

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....who thinks the league orchestrated Vegas in the Finals.

Why? So that people question the competitiveness of their sport?

Why? So that fans of teams like Washington and Tampa lose interest in hockey?

Golden Nights were going to be a strong franchise financially for the next 5 years even if they never made it to the playoffs, which gives the league zero incentive to help them succeed in the first year.

Your take is lame and wrong.