OT: Stanford Football Attendance (LAME!)

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So, Stanford football drew 2,000 fans a game less this year than they did in 2006 when Stanford was 1-11.  What's surprising to me is not the tepid support this year, but that those asshats managed to draw 40k in 2006.


LOL at the reasons advanced by the writer here.  One of them is "inconsistent" starting times make group sales difficult.  I'll clear things up for folks right here and now: 97% of the people associated with Stanford are pansies, wussies, sissies, and/or candy asses. 



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Listen chunkums, my wife just saw you use that word.  I've got quintuplets over here, all aged 7 and a half, except for one who is only 6 for some reason.  They don't need to see that.  My wife is making me sleep on the lawn for a month.  This is a Michigan message board, there is no reason it should be NSFJ.


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Pac-10 fanbases are generally pretty poor, as noted in the attendance figures at the end of that article:

Pac-10 attendance

Averages in 2010 season (W-L; seating capacity in parentheses).

1. USC 79,907 (8-5; 93,607)

2. Washington 66,264 (6-6;72,500)

3. UCLA 60,376 (4-8; 91,136)

4. Oregon 59,398 (12-0; 54,000)

5. Cal 57,873 (5-7; 71,799)

6. Arizona 55,408 (7-5; 57,803)

7. Arizona State 47,943 (6-6; 71,706)

8. Oregon State 45,317 (5-7; 45,674)

9. Stanford 40,139 (11-1; 50,000)

10. Washington State 23,407 (2-10; 35,117)

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2010/12/11/SP1L1GP1SU.DTL&ao=2#ixzz17w2YCVTe


Only one school averaged a sellout (though Ore St and Arizona came very close).  Stanford fans take the cake for worst support of their team, given its performance. 


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That was one of the funniest articles I have ever read.  Amazing a drunk, female, 5th year, band geek bio student.  Makes me think Stanford isn't quite as dorky as their academic standards would lead you to think when this happens...."The imbibing tree violated the terms of the band's three-year alcohol ban, which Stanford administrators imposed after band members got drunk on a notorious bus ride home from a USC football game in Los Angeles in 2003."

Now off to Google that story to find out what happened.  


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That's one of the most annoying things: everytime the Tree or the Band does something awesome, they get in trouble. 

LIike the Stanford Band, for instance.  Definitely in that 3%...



Not in this article, but their half-time salute to USC alum Joe Francis at the Coliseum was one of the best moments in college football half-time history.


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Ok, the guy using the sink as drums sent me over the edge.  Most amazing halftime show ever and as another poster said, I can't believe they did that at USC!!  The band announcer obviously enjoys his job.  I can't believe someone from USC didn't give him the hook and "accidentally" pull the plug on his mic.  



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Particularly astounding because in 2005 the stadium was completely rebuilt into a modern facility and the capacity was reduced from 85,000 to 50,000. Imagine how disheartening it would be for the team to be playing in front of acres of empty seats in the old stadium.


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Did someone say Stanford? Maybe because they were all out on a field, tripped out of their minds doing this:


Skip to 3:40.  I forget how to cue that up specifically


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It's OT because it is not about Michigan football, the University itself, or about any University affiliated person or entity past or present. 

I suppose it's not OT because Jim Harbaugh coaches for the Cardinal, and he is a past player, and in attendance for the games?