OT - Stan Lee dead at 95

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Via reports from a bunch of media outlets. 

If you don't know, Stan Lee was the creator of most Marvel comics properties and has made cameos in every MCU film.



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When I was in high school, my good friend did his senior writing project about Spiderman.

Fast forward to a few years ago, my middle son did the same thing.

Marvel spans many generations and Stan Lee made it all possible.  He will be missed!  That said, I bet they CGI him into future movies, just like they did with Princess Leia.


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Nah. In my opinion Batman is the best superhero. Not most powerful but most compelling stories. Yes there’s cheesy villains and gadgets. The marvel live action movies are obviously better than DC, but with animated the gap is even larger between DC and marvel. The marvel animated movies are horrible. Not every DC one is amazing but a vast majority are at least decent and some are amazing. Assault on Arkham is one of my favorite movies to this day. Gods and monsters is good, justice league: dark, justice league: war, justice league: doom, son of Batman, etc.. I enjoy both DC and marvel. DC doesn’t suck. Also Gotham is better than any marvel show, Netflix or network TV. Not to mention the Batman Arkham video games are the best superhero video games ever. The new Spider-Man copies near everything from the Batman games in terms of gameplay. 

RIP Stan lee

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The thing about Gotham is knows it’s cheesy. It’s self aware that the villains have cheesy origin stories and plots but it doesn’t try really hard to be super serious and dark like all the marvel Netflix shows do. All superhero media is cheesy, but the marvel shows try really hard to be edgy. Which is why I don’t like the new titans show coming, and why I didn’t like the new live action DC movies. Look at the Michael Keaton Batmans, they knew what they were and didn’t try to be something else. The Val Kilmer and Clooney Batman movies went overboard with gimmicks and cartoonish scenery. Gotham has a great mix of both. The first season is pretty slow but after that it gets better. Wish we could get a live action Batman show again. 

Thats probably why the MCU are so successful. They show that they are self aware of the fantastic subject matter while still maintaining some seriousness. They don’t try too hard to be edgy. 


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The most under-rated literary genius of the 20th century. People credit Alan Moore et al. for bringing comics out of the literary ghetto, but they were just getting credit for what Stan Lee had already done without anyone recognizing it. His shift from the Greek to the Christian heroic paradigm is almost unparalleled in influence. Buffy, Harry Potter, Twilight all direct descendants; Star Wars almost the only Greek superhero mythos post-Lee.

The biggest no-prize ever for you, Mr. Lee.



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Incredibly sad news, his stories were a major part of my childhood and those are memories that I’ll always carry with me. 

Whats just as sad here is how many people used him in the last few years of his life, wish he could have spent his twilight years without the shit he had to put up with.


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Though Stan didn’t invent the modern comic, he certainly perfected it. 

Excelsior and never stop believing in heroes. 

I’d imagine Stan would want it that way.


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Here’s my cool story bro about Stan Lee...

My Grandpa was enlisted in the Army in his early 20s and was an accountant for the Army.  He had to give presentations to other analysts regarding finances, accounting, etc.  With these presentations he needed illustrations of different financial figures in the forms of graphs,charts, and whatever other illustrations may be needed.  He was assigned a young man enlisted in the Army to help do these illustrations and that man was none other than Stan Lee.  

After my grandfather passed I received a very warm and unbelievably thoughtful email from Mr. Lee himself.

RIP Mr. Lee, you were a great man.