OT-Sportsnation loved Michigan

Submitted by yostlovesme on September 23rd, 2010 at 10:25 AM

I was just watching the Herd on ESPN this morning and Colin was talking about the schools he went to in the Big Ten for Sportsnation and the Herd.  He started off by saying we expected Wisconsin and Penn State to be alot of fun, but we were very leary of Michigan and Iowa.  He goes on to say that Michigan was amazing.  They had the most fans, they were respectful, they were the most enthusiastic, and the best experience so far on our tour.  Just thought I would throw this out there.



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with all the chanting i couldn't really hear much laying sick on my couch.  Colin is a douche.. for as much shit he's talked about michigan, he sure seemed to suck it up doing the show.


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Cowherd was the first national guy to defend RR against all of the bashing WVU did.  I was stuck in my car listening to sports radio wasteland, and Cowherd went though a nice little segment about how RR did nothing wrong and WVU fans need to let it go.  So, as much of a db as CC can be, he was in RR's corner from the beginning.

Here is a quote from a WVU fan on their blog "We Must Ignite This Couch:"

"Colin Cowherd bashed us today too, saying we were the "psycho ex-girlfriend who cant get over losing RR"

For those who want to see a blog whose lack of quality helps demonstrate why mgb  is the best one in sports, here is a link to the thread.


Ty Butterfield

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I saw part of Sportsnation yesterday and it was really cool to see all the people out there to support Michigan. It is nice to finally see Michigan get some publicity that does not involve practice (Cue Allen Iverson: "Practice?! Practice?!.....I mean we're takin about practice!"). I am sure that they try to decide where these on location shows are going to be months in advance. However, without the success of Shoelace I don't know if the decide to go to Ann Arbor. Anyway, big thanks to all those who came out to support the maize and blue.


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and I have to say, the crowd got me pumped up.  The only thing that was missing was some intelligent and snarky sign calling out Cowherd for the MZone plagiarism.  But there were easily more students there than anywhere else so far, and you can tell there's an air of excitement around the program you won't find too many other places.  I can't wait for the game this weekend.  I get to walk into the stadium for the first time in five years with all three of my kids (two first timers) and watch their faces light up with awe and excitement.


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ESPN goons were out in full force yesterday. The camera crew told us if our whiteboards had anything negative written they'd take it. Then the secret service looking guy came and told us that my artfully drawn ohio and worst state ever was deragotory, and gave us a eloquent speech about the worldwide leader. Thus, the number of snarky signs we could put up were severely limited. Luckily they didn't know what JMFJ stood for, although they did try to send a UofM rep over to us to find out.


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This is most definitely NOT OT - it directly relates to Michigan football.

That aside, watching on TV, my favorite part was when they were talking about Pryor v. Denard and the crowd was chanting "worst state ever."  Awesome.

Also, you really have to give credit for single-handedly turning this program around.  2 months ago, all we heard about were "coach on the hot seat," "NCAA violations," "transfers," "poor fit," "former college football powerhouse," and "controversy."  Because of Denard, these headlines have been swept away and replaced by "Heisman leading QB," "Dominant Michigan offense," "leading the nation in rushing and total offense for a QB," and "and he never ties his shoes." 

I live in NY, and even here, the number of casual college footbal fans (as opposed to us diehard nuts) talking about Denard is amazing. 

Steve Lorenz

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Denard passed the Mom test when she asked me "How did Denard do?" after the game last Saturday. I was like WTF LOL?!

Also, everyone I work with has caught on to not tying their shoes. Those who do not are part of the rebel alliance and traitors. Take them away. 


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It was very fun. I was only there for the first 15 minutes or so, but that was the part about the pryor vs denard for heisman. It of course went CRAZY when the pool showed denard higher.


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I didn't see any of it, but my brother texted me and said there was a "Worst State Ever" chant whenever they talked about OSU. If that is true, then that's pretty freakin awesome.