OT: Sporting Event Bucket List

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This one is pretty straight forward. What remains on your sporting event bucket list? What event do you have to go before your time is up?


For me there are a few MLB stadiums I still have to get to. However, the big one that remaining is the Monaco Grand Prix, forget the racing the party would be the thing (so would having the money to do it properly).



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I'm trying to do the math here and now I'm puzzled.  Wouldn't that mean 15 wins a year for each of the next 5 seasons (including 2016)?

Or is it 5 years after the 2016 season?  That would still mean 12.5 wins a year for 6 straight years.

It sounds like we might be used to winning championships by our 1000th win if either of those scenarios happened, so I like your thinking!


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Tickets also aren't cheap. I assume it's always like that for the Olympics, but I had never looked before this year when I considered going. Even for some event that's not very popular and in an early stage, they're at least 40 bucks. Those events add up quick. Obviously I wouldn't go there just for a qualifying round of archery or something.


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Early rounds on the outer courts at a big tennis tournament are amazing. In a way, the mandatory not-quite-majors might be even better, because the fields are smaller and they get to the good matchups straight away. I go to Cincinnati every year, and there are already top-40 players out there on qualifying weekend. By Wednesday you can be sitting literally at courtside, a few feet behind the returner, watching two top-20 players, and either you're practically alone and it's as if they're putting on an exhibition for you, or especially later in the day you're in a tiny packed bullring stadium. It's sort of like watching an NBA playoff game in a small high-school gym, and players from other NBA teams are sitting in the stands with you.

That's maybe the strangest thing of all--the very biggest stars are surrounded and protected of course, but the rest of the players are just there with the fans. I watched a Makarova match with her coach and trainer once, and they dragged me into their conversation. Stuff like that doesn't happen for ordinary fans anywhere else.


Bluebells and maize

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It might sound exciting, but I can tell you what that would look like.  Basically death by a thousand cuts - each would attempt to slowly gouge the other one overpriced concession or one subscriber fee at a time until the opponent simply questioned whether it was still worth participating and no longer cared enough to continue.  Prior to the anticlimactic ending, the "death match" would transition to a flame-throwing e-mail battle where lame insults are exchanged, but then any record of the e-mails is quickly deleted by their assistants.  The largely disappointed audience would then simply quit drinking and go to bed.


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Aside from seeing us win a National Championship, I would love to be in attendance to see us beat USC in the Rose Bowl. That just seems like peak classic college football to me.


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1. ManUnited game from the Stretford End of Old Trafford (hopefully next January while in England)

2. Michigan at Rose Bowl

3. Red Wings Cup Finals game in new arena 


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Kentucky Derby

World's Biggest Outdoor Cocktail Party (Florida/Georgia)

a Michigan football National Championship game (preferably at Rose Bowl)

a Lions Superbowl

Stanley Cup finals game

Benoit Balls

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I'm going to become a woodsman and never leave. I will become nocturnal, and never seen by society again, and I will never leave the property. People will speak of me as a sasquatch or Yeti and I will build an underground stronghold in one of the hillsides. I will live off of juniper berries and pine needle soup, and wash in Raes creek. 


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Soccer - World Cup and Barcelona vs Real Madrid. Racing Formula 1 race (any single race would do but Monaco would be the ultimate choice) and rally. US Open tennis and the Masters for golf.

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The problem with Monaco is that the views of the race are 1. Bad and 2. Expensive. It's an exotic locale, but there are a lot of races I would rather attend first.

And if I were in France that list would start with Le Mans as the far and away leader. Great event, great track, great race, and you get 24 hours of excitement instead of


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Monaco is all about the scene.  The race is terrible . . . zero lead changes last year compared with like 50 for the Indy 500 which is on the same day.

But I would still like to go for the scene alone.  Problem is, I don't think you can get exposed to that scene without spending major, major $$$.