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That's how many FGs their starters made (3 overall). They shot worse than 7%. They shot worse than 30% from the FT line. They did actually hit a 3 pointer.

I honestly don't know how this can happen. 27 turnovers! Southern must have been pressing? But even the worst teams should be able to hit 6 FGs in a game, especially if it's fast paced enough for the other team to score 116.

Also, I'm not married, but it seemed like an appropriate time to make the reference.


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There are four levels of play among christian colleges in the US: there are two divisions in the NCCAA, then there's the USCAA, and then there's this for the really, really small schools. All four levels are well below NCAA D3 quality--D3 is 99-28 against the top three groups so far this year, the guys at don't even bother to compile composite records against the ACCA but I don't think any of these schools has beaten a D3 team in...well, maybe ever.

Looking at the schedules of some of the schools, when they aren't playing each other they're mostly playing junior colleges and JV teams. Crossroads College played Grinnell this year and lost 173-123--that's the only game I've found against an NCAA varsity squad. Until this, that is.

Why they'd schedule even a bad D1 team, I haven't the foggiest.




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All I can say is that, even if you calculate it out, it would be very difficult to call 7.95% an effective FG percentage, if you will. I mean, only one assist and being outrebounded by your opponent by over a 3:1 margin. Damn. 


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Lost their last game 101-38,team seems to be regressing so coach on hot seat even though he has had 2 straight great recruiting classes."We didn't execute."   Alumni donors threating to withold donations unless OC is fired and several long time season ticket holders don't plan on renewing their seats.


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There's a pretty good SBNation post on this: The story of Champion Baptist, who trailed Southern 44-0 and lost by 104

- The person that Twitter says is the school's president, Eric Capaci, is also listed as the school's head basketball coach according to pretty much the only page that acknowledged that they have a basketball team, and his Twitter says he's a coach, so, yeah, that seems like it's a thing.

- They are a member of the Association of Christian College Athletics, which is not in the same organizational tree as the NCAA. But the level appears to be, um, kind of low. It's probably considerably below D-2 or D-3.

- The link above tells us the school's enrollment is 250.


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I hadn't realized that Capaci was the coach. That's telling, since he is also the pastor of the church the school is based out of; the college, which is not overflowing with money, probably cannot afford to retain a staff member who has coaching experience.

I'm guessing that these payout games fund the entire budget for the basketball team. A college like this operates on a deficit and is partially doner-supported; the team takes these games to stay afloat.


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The worst loss a team I played for ever had was in a 7th-12th grade level private league game where my team had too many players and had to split in half at the beginning of the season.  Because the older guys wanted to be able to play for a championship, they decided to split the team up with the 10th-12th graders on one team and the 7th to 9th graders on the other team.  I was in 9th grade, so I got stuck on the lower team.  We were the only team in the league to split that way, so everyone we played was full of high school upperclassmen, many of which were varsity players for their high schools.

We actually hung around and played competitive with some of the teams, and even managed to win a game against the worst team in the league.  But we lost to the best team, 80-10. Nice round number score, so I'll never forget it.  In my defense, I scored 8 of our 10, which means I doubled the scoring leader for Champion Baptist last night.


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"My worst loss" is a kinda cool topic to discuss.

Makes me realize I was pretty lucky growing up - small town where my grade and the grades above and below me were pretty athletic compared to most typical classes.  I don't really remember getting destroyed in any game.

I didn't play football, but after we won our first playoff game in a decade we got the luxury of traveling downtown to play Crockett and Brandon Graham.  I took down the fan bus and watched my friends get demolished.  And then I accidently walked in on a guy taking a poop in a doorless-stall in the bathroom.  That was my introduction to Detroit.