OT: South Carolina Investigating Jadeveon Clowney

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So apparently South Carolina is investigating Jadeveon Clowney's relationship with Jay-Z. Who recently has created Roc Nation Sports (sports agency). The university is looking into the relationship and determining if any NCAA violations, including any that would jeopardize his eligibility. (Per NFL.com)


South Carolina athletic department investigating if Jadeveon Clowney committed NCAA violation meeting w/ Jay-Z. (via http://t.co/Am0y2OZ2p4)

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He got absolutely OWNED by Lewan all day.  Our TE misses one blocking assignment, and an untouched Clowney obliterates a midget who is one-third his size and all anyone has ever been able to talk about since is said hit.

The kid is good, not great, and is a complete by-product of the "ESPN-ization" of American sports fans.


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Hmmmm. I'll play consipracy theorist...

Clowney decides he doesn't want to risk another year in college ball but doesn't want to just sit the year out. So he conveniently just meets Jay-Z. It looks innocent and go still loses eligibility. Now he's free to train and sign with an agent.

Now, get me my tin foil hat.


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Are players not allowed to talk to agents at all or can they juste not exchange anything?  Is it a situation where like with recruits and current players there has to be a prior relationship?  They very well may be just buds right now, but there's also no doubt JayZ will try to sign him... Sticky situation.


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Great Question and not knowing the NCAA rules well enough to know, I think it would be really hard exclude a player simply due to a meeting. I would expect a meeting with nothing exchanged (wink* wink* type deal) would be a "minor" violation. But if money,  services, or any business agreement was exchanged then a "major" violation.  

The question is if you are S. Carolina and it's a grey area do you play him risking violation of wins, or sit him and hope for the best. 


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He can talk all he wants, so long as no money changes hands and (per @simandel) no oral or written agreement is reached.

I'm actually really encouraged South Carolina is investigating this. I suggests to me that they are genuinely interested in finding the truth. And I wouldn't be shocked to find that no agreement is in place and that he's fine to play. 

Either way, South Carolina is trying to stay out front of a Reggie Bush situation here, and that's good.


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I agree with the above: it sounds like a ploy.  USC "says" they're investigating something that they/we all damn well know nothing is going to come from and they help their brand by letting it be known to younger kids, "Hey, our guys get to chat it up with the likes of Jay-Z".


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To add a little background to the Jay-Z connection, per SI.com, Jay-Z and his recruitment of players has some under some scrutiny. From their article on this investigation:

"Jay-Z’s role with the Roc Nation Sports agency and his recruitment of players from other agencies has come under scrutiny. In June, Roc Nation Sports reported Jay-Z was licensed to work as an MLB and NBA agent. The NFLPA also probed Jay-Z’s recruitment of Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith."

The Geno Smith investigation mentioned is actually about whether or not union rules were violated because Jay-Z is not a certified advisor on NFLPA contracts, so there are numerous restrictions on what he could speak about when talking to a player. 


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I'm highly suspicious of rap stars serving as agents. Anyone remember the Master P/Ricky Williams debacle? The Heisman winner signed what must be the worst contract of all time. Apparently, Mr. P thought that Ricky was Superman and conditioned as much of his salary as possible on setting records that he never set. Ricky made something akin to NFL minimum salary (correct me if I'm mistaken).

OTOH, there is a big difference between Mr. P and Jay-Z. Mr. Z runs an empire and is sharp as a tack, and I can see him pulling together a good team.