OT: Source: Mack Brown Stepping Down (EDIT: Perhaps Not Happening)

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High-level sources tell http://t.co/Pb827xg41z Mack Brown will step down as coach at Texas after 16 years.

— Chip Brown (@ChipBrownOB) December 10, 2013

MOD EDIT (LSA) - apparently, there is now this (which doesn't negate the potential for Brown leaving somehow, willingly or not)

RT @BFeldmanCBS: #Texas source tells CBS "Mack (Brown) hasn't had any meeting & has not told anyone he's stepping down."

— CBSSports.com (@CBSSports) December 10, 2013



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He wouldn't have the academic restrictions he has at ND and he would be able to recruit real speed for his offensive style.  Not saying he would be the best coach, but to poach the ND coach to Texas would be a fine feather in the 10 gallon hats of Texas.

Of course, if not Kelly, why Jabba?  He would have a decided schematic advantage at Texas and could finally recruit the athletes to the level he needs to be successful.. After all he won Super Bowls.

Personally, I don't see Saban leaving.  He is the KIng of Tuscaloosa and he can right his own ticket there.  The only advantage would be much less competition to an undefeated season if he went to Texas.  With WVa, Kansas and TCU in the conference, the Big XII would be much easier than the SEC with LSU, Auburn and whoever else rises up.


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The successor will probably not be Saban(my thoughts).  Don't know who, but I bet it's someone a little younger and someone who has been building a resume working up through the ranks of head coaches. 


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From EDSBS's Mack Brown farewell speach:

"And screw you media types, too. Whinin' about how Longhorn Network's a whole channel with only one football team but never saying a word about the Big Ten Network, which has zero. You complain about me blaming my assistants, but Greg Robinson was an improvement over Manny Diaz. I can't say anything worse about someone than that. You go on and try. I can't, and I watched Greg Robinson fight with a three ringed binder like it was a giant clam for fifteen minutes this morning."


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I heard a great and plausible theory.

Brown out at Texas

Urbs to Texas (He allegedly flew to Texas and met with Boosters the day after the Michigan game)

Saban goes to NFL to coach Redskins (only mountain left to climb and Harbaugh and Carroll are doing very well)

Shanahan goes to Houston Texans (He's tried to leave Washington since last season)

That leaves Bama and OSU open.  All of it is hilarious to me.