OT: Source: Mack Brown Stepping Down (EDIT: Perhaps Not Happening)

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High-level sources tell http://t.co/Pb827xg41z Mack Brown will step down as coach at Texas after 16 years.

— Chip Brown (@ChipBrownOB) December 10, 2013

MOD EDIT (LSA) - apparently, there is now this (which doesn't negate the potential for Brown leaving somehow, willingly or not)

RT @BFeldmanCBS: #Texas source tells CBS "Mack (Brown) hasn't had any meeting & has not told anyone he's stepping down."

— CBSSports.com (@CBSSports) December 10, 2013



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some hilarious canidates like the obivious Gruden won but at lease we can all rule out Petersen now.


The canidates for texas is

1. Saban

2. Bryan Harsin former Texas OC

3. Muschamp which Florida fans hope for DC former coach in waiting

4. Chizik former Texas DC same as 3.

As for Franklin and Strong to me it seems more to be canidates for next year if Florida ever decides to move forward without Muschamp.

Bando Calrissian

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I'll say it, I've always really liked Mack Brown. The side-by-side pressers and appearances he had with Lloyd around the 2005 Rose Bowl were surprisingly fun and engaging. They're a lot alike in a lot of ways, at two very similar universities. Which doesn't make it too surprising that he was chewed up and spit out by their fanbase in very similar ways.


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ESPN reporting that the Texas Board of Regents will be meeting on Thursday to discuss the future of the current school president. Looks like Mack's situation will be known on Thursday or early next week.


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My sense is the Texas regents wants him gone, but due to his clout with boosters and certain administrators, getting rid of him is a complicated and risky task. Having said that, I don't see him coming back next year, and I suspect that this "announcement" will come to be seen as a botched attempt to nudge him out the door. The regents seem determined to push him out; they already sacrificed the AD DeLoss Dodds who was a Brown ally, and they appear ready to sacrifice the university president, another Brown ally.

The wildcard is that Brown's personal attorney and close friend, billionaire trial lawyer Joe Jamail, also happens to be Texas' biggest booster (the field at their stadium is named after him). He has publicly threatened to not only cut Texas off but to sue the school of Brown is forced out. So this could get very messy.  


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I wanted to post earlier, but my information is suspect.  But what the hell.

I have a very good customer/dealer who is a big LSU alum/booster.  They ran into a TX booster, who claimed he was on the search committee ( obviously not official search committee).  They felt they had Saban for $10MM/year from UT and $5MM/year from boosters through back doors.  Guaranteed them they highest paid assistants in the country as well.  Remember TX has the longhorn network and unlimited money.

First off I know this is totally unsubstantiated, but I also know my customer, while he hates Saban because of what he did to LSU, he believes what he told me.  I just can't verify the TX guy. This conversation was two weeks ago, before Auburn.

Flame me if you like, but this is fuel to the fire, weak fuel yes...

Also, why is D'antonio never mentioned as a serious candidate for a big time job?  Not saying TX or AL, but you have to admit he took advantage of the RR years and is a pretty good coach.  I hate him and MSU as much as the next guy, but if Bielma can go to Ark? 


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There just aren't many jobs that fall into that category of jobs that are better than MSU but not elite, and they only have openings so often. Washington was one, but they got Peterson. I could see him going to South Carolina when Spurrier retires. I just don't know how many jobs really fit that criteria.


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D'Antonio is older. He's got health problems. His ties are all to the Midwest. He runs a defense-first program, which might hurt at some schools. He isn't a hot name, which will hurt at Texas. He is also a very, very boring Midwestern guy which might not jive with the Southern good old boys.


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If Urban Meyer hadn't left Florida, then I think Dantonio would have been a good bet to take over at Ohio State. But that's the only other college job that would have been a good fit for him. He could bolt for the NFL if the mood should strike him. Barring that, however, I don't see him going anywhere (unfortunately).


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I seem to rember hand saying he would follow Saban to TX?  Not sure if I recall correctly, but since he chose AL because of their fine engineering program, over Michigan.  I think it is safe to say academics probably was not the reason he went to AL?

If Saban goes there is always a chance, but I think hand is the new Demar Dorsey (without the academic issues, that is)



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Lots of uncertainty in Columbus next year.  DC may be on the move, senior OL graduates as does Hyde.  The 22/3/4 win streak is over and not likely to be repeated, stock is at its peak.  Braxton is going to be heavily leaned upon which means 1 injury from tanking the season.

Dantonio has the opportunity to be the Bo Schembechler of East Lansing if you ask me.  If he keeps at it, he's going to be a legend up there.  I think he wants that more than an ego trip down south.

 I think Saban stays where he is.  All the pieces are right there.  He has a hand in losing the game to Auburn and hence knocking the team out of the NC game by attempting a foolishly low percentage field goal and not explaining to his guys they're gonna return a short kick.  My guess is that burns him deep into the night and he wants another crack at it to avenge next year.  TX would require a couple years of development to get recruiting and players up to snuff.  I'm obviously not in that income bracket but what the heck do you do with the larger number of millions as a CFB coach?  Start your own airline on the side?

I think we should just move on from DaShawn Hand.  Great kid but he's made up his mind.  I think he truly wants to study engineering, which is admirable but not likely as an elite D1 player.

I dumped the Dope

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Meyer isn't the right guy for the NFL.  There can only be so many big egos in the room at once, in college he's king.  In the NFL maybe not so much.

I still think he can keep Ohio going at a high level and it will bring M's game up that much more if he should stay. 

Brian Kelley's going to launch himself into low orbit one of these days, despite Rees graduating.  So coaching the Fig Things should open up fairly soon.


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If Saban goes to Texas, that would mark a good bit of foresight by Jim Delany is bringing in the powerhouse known as Rutgers rather than Texas.  Jim knew that the B1G wouldn't want a parasite like Saban in the conference.  Hell, it's in the league bylaws that we can only have 1 parasite and Urban has that locked down.


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Bleacher Report (yeah, I know) says someone is trolling Texas:

One prankster cashed in on Longhorns fans' enthusiasm by paging Saban at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Multiple Twitter users noticed the trolling page on the intercom asking Saban to meet his car at the curb.





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It sounds like he is definitely leaving from reports out there. The problem I have, how is he going to recruits homes and telling them to come to Texas? I may be wrong, but am very doubtful that he is telling the recruit visited today and subsequently the past few days, that he is leaving Texas. I guess it just really bothers me that these coaches can look at these kids to the face and not be truthful. I can't imagine being a football recruit, having Mack Brown come to see me today and sell the Texas program, and then resign a week later.


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So Mack Brown wins a couple Big XII titles, makes two national championships (deserved to be there in 2009 over Oklahoma) won one and possibly would have won if McCoy didn't get hurt, and that is not enough and recruits at a high level. Sounds a little like Lloyd Carr to me.