OT: Source: Mack Brown Stepping Down (EDIT: Perhaps Not Happening)

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High-level sources tell http://t.co/Pb827xg41z Mack Brown will step down as coach at Texas after 16 years.

— Chip Brown (@ChipBrownOB) December 10, 2013

MOD EDIT (LSA) - apparently, there is now this (which doesn't negate the potential for Brown leaving somehow, willingly or not)

RT @BFeldmanCBS: #Texas source tells CBS "Mack (Brown) hasn't had any meeting & has not told anyone he's stepping down."

— CBSSports.com (@CBSSports) December 10, 2013



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Sure, it's borderline, but think about it this way - Hoke was hired at 52, and Briles would be hired at 58.  That's a decent discrepancy.  If you think a coach wants to retire in his mid 60s, that would mean Hoke would be able to stay here for 13ish years, but Briles would only have 7 under his belt at the same age.  I don't know if DB would have been so excited about hiring Hoke at 58.  


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The is not the best outcome becuase, ultimately, Dantonio's exit from EL leaves Narduzzi as the obvious replacement. 


Best Case Scenario:

Saban heads to Texas, takes Professor Needs A Raise from Bama with him to Texas. Da'Shawn Hand repents his sins, commites to Michigan. Narduzzi hired at Bama, gets out of our hair. Dantonio retires to fulfill lifelong dream of being a door to door vacuum salesman (what, with his charm and all). Urban drowns his sorrows for losing B10 championship game to a vacuum salesman by aggresively pursuing various tail in Columbus. Gets caught, takes a break for the sake of his family.




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You know whats crazy about saban? in the last 10 years auburn has 3 sec championships and bama only has 2.  I think him not winning the championship with bama this year actually makes it less likely he leaves.  My guess is sumlin or briles.  No amount of money is going to stop the texas boosters, its just going to be whether the coach wants to do it.


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Reportedly agreed but not actually signed yet, but why does that matter anyway? coaches leave schools all the time with years left on their contract and texas isn't going to care about a buy out claus, that athletic department is practically a mint and they have unbeleviably loaded boosters.

Edit: not saying it will happen just that it will be sumlins call if they ask, the extension won't matter at all to texas.  Malzahn, shaw, and meyer will also all get mentioned.  Texas is just on another level financially, no school can match what they can if they really want to.


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I think in my dream life I would be a Texas football booster. Live in a mansion paid for with oil money and care so blindly for UT football that I would write a blank check to my athletic department to help fund the hiring of the best football coach money can procure. And then go drink whiskey by my pool with my smoking hot wife.


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Bama will not match every cent that Saban is payed by UT. There is no way he leaves. They even made a statue... wait, can Bama sell UT the statue?

Sac Fly

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He had a good run but it's time to go. Defensively under Brown they're as good as you can get.

Offensively this program has been a mess for the better part of 10 years, but had six years between Vince Young and Colt McCoy keeping them above water.

They can't develop their linemen. All the talent in Texas and Mack Brown has had 1 running back break 1,000 yards since Cedric Benson left.


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AZ just got spanked badly by their instate rivals.  Not exactly the resume enhancement that would play well in Austin.

Just my opinion, but I think RR rather thrives when his program is the underdog, not the one steeped in a winning tradition.  If he were to coach in TX he would be a much better fit at almost every other school.


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I know Alabama will do what it can to keep Saban, but Texas is on a different plane financially and, frankly, it isn't a community or school that would balk at paying Saban whatever he wants.  I think he stays at Alabama because I'm not sure Texas is anything other than a lateral move for him at this point, but the notion that Texas will be caught in a numbers trap doesn't seem right to me.


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Texas doesn't regain national prominence, the Longhorn Network will become an Albatros.  Saban, to me, always seems to be in search for a new challenge.  What better challenge than to rebuild and return Texas to the national stage?


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Half of that apparently goes to athletics and half to academics...That's not as much money as I thought, and in fact, Big Ten schools apparently receive more than $7 million per year from the BTN (I'm not sure of the academics/athletics split of that money).  So the Longhorn Network is not the difference-maker I thought it was.