OT: Soup Campbell no longer Iowa WR coach

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Rittenberg RT Hawkeye Insider.


Just thought it was interesting, given UM ties and Big 10 relevance



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Greg Davis craters their offense and they fire the one guy with a history of success on that staff whose position group isn't a tire fire?

Problem solved I guess. I'm sure it was Keenan Davis and Kevonte Martin-Manley and C.J. Fiedorowicz not taking the next step that hampered the offense, not losing every RB to a wrathful god and never throwing beyond the 1st down marker.


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It has the potential to affect recruiting - http://iowa.scout.com/2/1254552.html

According to Damond Powell, an Iowa commit, it was Erik Campbell that drew him  to Iowa in the first place and he was told (presumably very recently) that Campbell was no longer the WR coach. Further, BHGP reports that Brian Ferentz will be taking the reins as the WR coach at Iowa now. 

Not much else out there right now. 


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Brian Ferentz is Kirk's son.   He was an OL for Iowa in the mid-2000's and coached with the Patriots from 2008-11 (including TE in 2011).   Last year was his first year on Iowa's staff as OL coach.    Going from OL to WR coach is a little odd but he did seem to do a good job with Hernandez and Gronkowski as pass catchers. 


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According to Sam Webb Campbell was the first to be offered the WR coaching job by Hoke, but decided to stay at Iowa.  He's a good coach, a Michigan man, and a great recruiter.


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He played four years for Bo and then coached at Michigan for 13 years (1995 - 2007).  He also set an NCAA record by coaching a 1,000-yard receiver for eight consecutive years from 1998 to 2005.  Was let go by RR (big mistake) so you can understand the loyalty to Ferentz who gave him a job when his alma mater cut him loose.  
If that's not a Michigan Man then who is?


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Same shit, different day.  A coach turns down a chance to move out of loyalty to his current employer, only to have it shoved up his ass in a year or two when the coach's son is ready for a promotion.  I wonder if Hoke can still find a place for him?


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I don't know if there's an opening for him on the staff, but I'd love to see Brady bring Soup Campbell back to Michigan somehow.  He'd be a great asset.  Besides, he bleeds the Maize and Blue.

Nosce Te Ipsum

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I believe he holds the record for coaching a 1,000 yard receiver in consecutive years. I understand that Hecklinski has done a good job but I would love to see Campbell come back.


I don't want to create a thread for this since I only received the teaser headline but apparently Reuben Foster is interested in Michigan per Scout. 



Blue in Seattle

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Looking up the wikipedia on Erik Campbell, he has coached running backs, WR's, and punt returners.  Looking at the present list, Michigan has the maximum allowed amount of Assistant coaches (9) with two graduate assistants.  The coach most likely to move on I would guess is Fred.  I did not remember that Lloyd Carr had named Erik Camppbell as the Assistant Head Coach.  Maybe he was one of the guys potentially being groomed for HC, or is that a way to give a guy a raise?

What is interesting now, since it seems he's leaving Iowa (whether on his own or not) is this article from the Daily Iowan, discussing not if he should stay or not, but whether he should become the OC or stay the WR coach. Point/counterpoint: Should Erik Campbell be named Iowa's offensive coordinator?

Campbell was hired the same time as Hoke, by Moeller in 1995; Moeller adds Campbell, Hoke to Fill Vacancies on Football Staff

From that Michigan Daily article, it's clear that the phrase Tremendous did not start with Hoke;

In adding Erik and Brady to our staff, Michigan is getting two tremendous coaches - Gary Moeller, Michigan Football Coach

(emphasis mine)


Mr. Yost

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After the performance of our RBs since Chris Perry, does anyone think it may be time for Coach Fred Jackson to step down?

Personally, I think there is a direct correlation between our RB performance and Denard Robinson, however, we haven't had a ton to work with.

Jeremy is a senior next year...I wouldn't be mad if Coach Jack got a year to see JJ out and then rode off into the sunset after a GREAT career at Michigan.

I would LOVE to see Coach Mike Hart or Coach Tyrone Wheatley here in 2014.


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What running backs are you talking about?  The leading running back rushers since he's been gone have been Mike Hart, Brandon Minor, Vincent Smith, and Fitzgerald Toussaint.

Hart was very good.

Minor averaged 5.2 yards/carry and scored 9 touchdowns on just 103 carries in 2008.

Then he averaged 5.2 yards/carry and scored 8 touchdowns on just 96 carries in 2009.

Smith averaged 4.4 yards/carry and scored 5 touchdowns on 136 carries in 2010.

Toussaint averaged 5.6 yards/carry and scored 9 touchdowns on 187 carries in 2011.

Then he averaged 4.0 yards/carry and scored 5 touchdowns on 130 carries in 2012.

So in the 9 years since Perry left, there have been two poor seasons - 2010 and 2012.  There weren't a ton of options in 2010, and while I wish someone else would have been given more of a chance, that might not have been Jackson's decision.  Then in 2012, a lot of people - including me - have put quite a bit of blame on the offensive line.  I don't remember that being the case in 2010, so it's not like we always try to pass blame on to someone besides Jackson.  

But if a coach's bad stretch means he's still good in 7/9 seasons, then I'm not sure he deserves to be fired.

Mr. Yost

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...I meant Hart.

I had a brain fart.

And again, I "blame" Denard (I say that very tongue and cheek, but obviously he's taken carries away from RBs) and OL more than I "blame" Jackson (I don't blame FJ at all...I just think his time is passing a little bit and it's time to get some fresh blood in here after next season).


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Based on what I saw of them this past season, Iowa has no need for a receivers coach, so this is a logical move. Maybe they can bring in a second running back coach- one for pounding the ball hopelessly into the battered line and one to coach catching the 15 or 20 well-covered slow-developing passes into the flat per game.