OT (Sort of): Answers to Hump Day Quiz -- Michigan and the Heisman

Submitted by M Ascending on August 24th, 2017 at 8:14 AM

This week's quiz asked you to name as many Michigan players as you can who finished in the Top 10 in Heisman balloting (other than the three winners).  Bonus questions asked for the names of Michigan players who made the Top 10 multiple years.  Here are the answers, in reverse order:

Double Secret Bonus Question:  Who is the only Wolverine ever to make the top 10 i three different years?

Most of you correctly guessed ANTHONY CARTER, who made the top 10 in 1980, '81', and '82.  The other frequent answer was Tom Harmon, a good guess, but he shows up in the answer to the next question.

Bonus Question:  Who are the only 4 Michigan players to make the top 10 more than once?

1939, 40     Tom Harmon 

1955, '56     Ron Kramer

1977, '78     Rick Leach

1980, '81, 82   Anthony Carter

Woodson, Wheatley, Desmond, and Denard all received a fair number of votes for multiple years.  They all made the list, but only once each.

Question:  24 times a Michigan player has made the Top 10 in Hesiman voting without winning the award.  Can you name them?

Year      Player                    Rank       Heisman Winner      

1939     Tom Harmon          (2)            Nile Kinnick (Iowa)

1941     Bob Westfall           (8)            Bruce Smith (Minn)

1943     Bill Daley                (7)            Angelo Bertelli  (ND)

1947     Bob Chappuis         (2)           Johnny Lujack (ND)

1955     Ron Kramer            (8)            Howard "Hopalong" Cassady (tOSU)

1956     Ron Kramer            (6)            Paul Hornung  (ND)

1964     Bob Timberlake       (4)           John Huarte (ND)

1968     Ron Johnson           (6)           OJ Simpson (USC)

1974     Dennis Franklin       (6)           Archie Griffin (tOSU)

1975     Gordon Bell             (8)           Archie Griffin (tOSU)

1976     Rob Lytle                 (3)           Tony Dorsett (Pitt)

1977     Rick Leach              (8)            Earl Campbell (Tex.)

1978     Rick Leach              (3)            Billy Sims (OU)

1980     Anthony Carter        (8)           George Rogers (S. Car.)

1981     Anthony Carter        (7)            Marcus Allen (USC)

1982     Anthony Carter        (4)            Herschel Walker (UGA)

1986     Jim Harbaugh          (3)            Vinny Testaverde (Miami)

1993     Tyrone Wheatley     (8)            Charlie Ward (FSU)

1995     Tim Biakabatuka     (8)            Eddie George (tOSU)

2003     Chris Perry              (4)            Jason White (OU)

2004     Braylon Edwards     (10)          Matt Leinart (USC)

2005     Mike Hart                 (5)           Troy Smith (tOSU)

2010     Denard Robinson     (6)            Cam Newton (Auburn)

2016     Jabrill Peppers          (5)            Lamar Jackson (L'ville)

Some observations:  

  -  In fully 1/2 of the years a Michigan player appeared in the Top 10, the Heisman was one by a player from one of just 3 schools:  OSU, ND, or USC.  

  -  Only 2 Michigan wide receivers have ever made the list -- AC and Braylon.

  -  OLs don't get a lot of love -- the year he was the first overall draft pick, Jake Long did not make the Top 10.

  -  Several Michigan players were named on many of the entries but actually never made the Top 10.  The most frequent wrong answers were:  Jamie Morris, Elvis Grbac, and the A-Train.  It's really hard to believe those guys never made Top 10.

  -  There were also some fairly obvious players that almost everyone missed, including Rn Johnson (who set a then-NCAA single-game rushing record of 347 yeards against Wisonsin in 1968), and Rob Lytle, who was at one time Micihgan's career rushing leader).

  -  On the other hand, there were a couple on the list that truly surprised me, most notably Gordie Bell, who I recall as a useful RB, but never in my mind Heisman material.  And, frankly, I didn't know who Bob Westfall and Bill Daley even were until I looked them up.)

  -  Just by looking at the list in the years Michigan players made the Top 10, one can see the incredible recent shift of the Heisman from a RB award to a QB award.  In the years listed from 1968-82, all 9 of the awards went to RBs; in all but one of the listed year after that, it went to a QB.

If anything worthy of comment strikes you, please let us all know.  And thank you for playing.





August 24th, 2017 at 11:54 AM ^

I was pretty surprised that Hart and Denard only made the top ten once each (Hart's year was 2006, not 2005, btw). Honestly, Hart was the first name that came to mind for the question about who made the top ten three times. I seem to remember him always getting a bunch of votes, although never really threatening to win; guess not...