OT: Sony trolled Microsoft HARD last night(video)

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Background: Much has been made about Xbox One's restrictive game DRM(Digital Rights Management) wherein games can be shared with exactly one friend(by code or login? I'm not sure), can only be resold through licensed retailers, and perhaps most offensively if you do not authenticate your XBOX online every 24 hours it becomes one ugly paper weight(till you log in again). Xbox fans are desperately clinging to the idea that their launch exclusives are better...

While Sony's own exclusives dont look too shabby...


Making this argument both premature and subjective. It's always been this way. Gears of War/Halo vs God of War/Uncharted. So what do we KNOW? Playstation 4 will have faster DDR5 RAM. Playstation 4 will have a better graphics card. http://reviews.cnet.com/ps4/

Xbox One will have Kinect. http://reviews.cnet.com/microsoft-xbox-one/

Playstation 4 has a gamepad with a motion element and a touchpad. I'm guessing controller two isn't going to be cheap. Xbox will have a broadcast cable passthrough(why?) but no DVR funcionality. Playstation 4 will have no restrictive DRM, and will be playable with or without an internet connection. Xbox One will cost $499. Playstation 4 will cost $399. I already preordered mine. What say you all?



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Was skyrim. A one person role playing game. My Xbox doesn't even have Internet. I have no interest in a gaming system that wouldn't allow me to do this. I'm probably not target audience though as it will be years before I will get a new system as I still have games for my 360 and wii that I am trying to get to

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The Xbox's DRM thing and the restrictions on reselling games killed it for me.  I'm guessing Xbox will backpedal on the the DRM thing if PS4 interest picks up steam, but even if they do, I see their intent.  I'm definitely switching back to Sony.


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If I got back into gaming, I think I would have to choose the PS4.  I hear alot of people don't like the direction Microsoft is going.  A $100 price difference is huge!  No way Xbox can keep the $500 price, can they?


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But then I got a Xbox and liked that better. When the 360 came out, I got that and stuck with it because most of my friends had a 360 too. Now, though, I'm probably going to go back to the PS4. Microsoft and it's DRM and Internet requirements are terrible and I don't want to support that.


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I'm a pretty big gamer these days and there's no question that PS4 is going to be a better gaming console than the Xbox.  Its clear to me that Microsoft is going for something different with CrapBox1 - they appear to want it in households with no gamers which is fine but its hurting their gaming constituents.

As for me, a current PS3 gamer, I'm building my own PC.  It became clear to me long ago that the best gaming experience is on PC (other than sports games, of course).  Although the consoles are trying desperately to catch up and provide titles on the same kind of platform as PC (processors, RAM, video cards, etc.) they will never compete.  Especially where FPS titles are concerned.

P.S.  Battlefield 4 looks amazing!  Coming out later this year.


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Problem with the PC route is that ultimately, the games aren't that much better no matter how much cash you drop on the system. Major studio games are too expensive to not be portable to the consoles, so even though you can run crysis 3 or whatever processor hog du jour at super high resolution / frame rate / etc, the game is fundamentally the same as on the console in terms of content. You can't put anything that RELIES on super high end PC rigs to function, because the market just isn't big enough, and it's probably shrinking as consoles get better and desktops continue to go the way of the dodo except for specialized applications.

That said I actually prefer certain games on PC (FPS and RTS) and actually built a pretty respectable if not super high end gaming rig back in college, but won't be doing that again anytime soon.


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I disagree with the part about the desktops going away...yes tablets and laptops are cool, but at the same time, after using a nice large monitor for years, I can't stand the tiny little displays of the tablets and laptops are only slightly better.


It may happen but I don't think it goes away soon, desktop is still soooo much more than just playing games, but the consoles <yawn> just don't do enough extra to make them worth the money.



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Because it's the same reason people are getting away from cable and tv and all that.  But if you can end up hooking up your device (mobile, computer, whatever) to a bigger screen, that may do away with that problem. What we're really headed towards is where your tv is your computer screen, and you control it with your remote/tablet.


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My point with desktops is that you probably wouldn't own a really good one unless you have some dedicated function - be it gaming, video editing, simulation, etc.

Otherwise, if you've got a desktop it's probably a glorified Internet box.

Again, I've built a high end PC and enjoyed it. But now a $500 laptop can easily do everything that I use a PC for, and if I want to set up a big screen at my desk I can. And the cost to go from that $500 laptop to a gaming rig capable of running new titles is much more than the $400 cost of a PS4, which also would serve as my "main tv" media server / Blu Ray player / Netflix box


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I'm also not a big gamer, but I'm shocked by what Microsoft is trying to pull here.  I love my Xbox 360 but will be picking up a PS4 in the next generation.  Sony seems to have their act together this time around.




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I've never spent $60 on a game...I cannot remember the last time I bought a game in a brick-and-mortar. That was the deal breaker for me, even moreso than the extra $100 Microsoft wants. My games come used from amazon and eBay, with a little gamefly thrown in when a bunch of new titles come out. None of those things are xboxone compatible.


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I find the situation very odd.  It's the publishers that are pushing for this, and will control it for the Xbox.  Those same publishers also develop PS4 games.  Are they just going to charge extra for the PS4 games without DRM?  Did they change their minds and not tell MSFT?  Did Sony lie to them?



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EA and certain other publishers already do this to a degree. You get a code when you buy it new that allows you to access the online portion of the game and if you buy it used you need to buy a $10 DLC code that will give you full access. This will be a pain, but I am really curious as to how Sony will get around this, or if the publishers will just push DRM themselves on PS4 owners.


June 12th, 2013 at 1:54 AM ^

I don't think Sony was being totally truthful here.  Some more details:


Basically, 3rd party publishers can implement some sort of DRM that would disable games, or at least online access.  

I wouldn't be surprised if the policies of the 2 consoles converged to the same thing.  There's no way a compnay is going to do something different on 2 consoles unless they charge a lot more for the DRM free version.


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Yeah the only thing that would make me even consider buying Xbox One is Halo 5. Other than that PS4 is the clear winner right now. I'm just so pumped that they announced Star Wars Battlefront. They finally realized how much money they were leaving on the table by not making it what with Star Wars fans and Shooter fans buying it. Hopefully they come to the same realization with Knights of the Old Republic (not the MMO bullshit).


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Ugh, I swore off Sony products after the the Sony Music Rootkit fiasco. Now I get to choose between that and a XB1 I'm basically leasing from MS where I own no rights. I was really excited to see what the next gen Xbox would do, but now it looks like I'll be going the PC route. Is it really that hard to not run a company like a villian from Bond movies?


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My tenant stole my Xbox 6 years ago and I never replaced it.  Given he paid me $48,000 worth of rent over 4 years I'm cool with the trade-off.



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I think I will wait and see what happens but I plan on sticking with xbox. The ps3 was always supposed to be the better machine, better graphics, you didn't have to pay to play online, but it never really seemed better just equal. I play a lot of used games but would honestly rather give my money to the people actually making the games than some third party just trying to make money off of me like gamestop or gamefly which I use btw.


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Have to pay now for PS4 to play anything other than single player. The cost is 5 a month compared to 10 for xbox live. It does cover all consoles though vita/ps3/ps4 with one membership.


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They seem to have a good comparison of features.

I have both, but really I think I only break out the XBox for those "exclusive" games. From controller to Blu-Ray to most everything I find the PS3 better. Though I admit I'm getting way behind in finding time for my gaming. I always seem to be cracking college football open late.

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I started gaming with the Atari 2600, vic 20 and commodore 64 (lots of you on this website probably have never heard of those). so i have been at this a  long time. I have never been an x-box fan and I'm not going to start now. The whole pay to play online thing was the precursor to what they are pulling here. They don't suck enough money out of you by charging 500 dollars for the console and 70 dollars per game, but they have to charge you to play online too? Give me a break. PS4 all the way for me.


June 11th, 2013 at 4:26 PM ^

Oh hell yeah.  I remember we'd get some sort of gaming magazine each month that would have a new text based game source code for the 64.  And who could forget waiting 30 minutes to print out a "Happy Birthday, Mom!" banner complete with birthday cake artwork using Print Shop?

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and Sony totally PWNED Microsoft in that vid.

I have all three major game systems (PS3, XBOX 360, Wii U). Actually, we're on our third XBOX 360, since they keep breaking (RROD/DVD Drive problems)...

My personal preference is the PS3, but probably because my kid kicks my ass at every Halo game ever published...



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Personally, I like the TV passthrough on the XBOX one. Considering the RAM the consoles wll have, I think that will actually prove useful for married guys like me whose wives demand attention in the form of watching crappy TV shows with them. 

That said, the DRM and 24-hr authentication were just too much, i cant buy an Xbox One on principle alone. Really looking forward to Infamous, Uncharted, and Final Fantasy XIV and XV.