OT - Something MSU and UM fans can both agree on: Michigan > Ohio

Submitted by CLord on October 23rd, 2012 at 5:31 PM

Since 1979,  in the major sports: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, CF, CB:

The state of Michigan has 12 championships.

The state of Ohio has 2.

Ohio has an extra NFL and MBL team to better it's odds and to counter the fact that the Blue Jackets have not been in existence the entire time span. 

In college sports, Michigan has two major schools vs. Ohio's one.  Yet Ohio State does not suffer the same dilution of talent UM/MSU do within their own state, and thus would be expected to have a backyard edge toward winning championships.

The Tigers will soon make it 13 championships.

It's good to be a Michigander!




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Ohio professional sports, top to bottom, have got to be about as poor as any state's in the country. I actually think that this clearly fuels the statewide religious devotion to Ohio State


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Big deal. Starting next year when the Browns begin their unprecedented 12 year run of Super Bowl victories the gap will be narrowed a bit. I can feel it!

We stand poised on the edge of greatness. As we have every year since 1964 I might add....


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Ohio has more pro teams, which means less fans per team, which means less money per team, which means less star players per team, which means less championships per team.


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....while their teams are usually notoriously bad/choke-artists, especially Cleveland teams, the fans themselves are very passionate.They are the complete opposite of the type fans you find in areas such as Miami etc. I currently go to Miami (Ohio) and there is a lot pride in all their teams, whether deserved or not.

Ok positives over, let's go back to ragging on them please.

Section 1

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...when he reads something like this?

His family lives in Hudson, Ohio.  Between Cleveland and Akron.  His brother plays football for Harvard.  Ben wants to go to Michigan, to play at a higher level, but also get an education on a par with his older brother.

Hudson is a beautiful old town; a kind of an Ohio version of Saline, or Chelsea or Plymouth.

Do you think that comments like yours are a good representation of the University of Michigan?  What do you suppose the Gedeon family would think?


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Come on man.  Are you kidding me right now?  The entire country knows that ohio has the worst sport teams ever.  The Indians havent made the playoffs in years, the Blue Jackets are a joke, the Cavs cant even keep the best player in the league: an he is from Cleveland.  The Reds made the playoffs but got bounced early.

The only thing going for that state is osu.  It pains me to say it but its true.  So you think people that live in ohio dont know this?  Do you think they have never discussed King James leaving? 

Frankly Im surprised by you Section 1.  You are better than this.


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Truth be told I agree with Section 1.  I can understand bagging on OSU and specific sports teams, but I wouldn't call the place from whence came Charles Woodson, Elvis Grbag, Desmond Howard, Bo Schembechler, etc., a shithole.

Section 1

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...telling Dymonte Thomas and Gareon Conley (among a half-dozen others) that they come from a "shit hole" no-sport state is going to be a part of Michigan's continuing efforts to hold their commitments. 

What do you think?  I'll let you consider that one.  I'll let even think about ways to re-phrase it, as long as you include the option of, "On second thought, don't even write such stupid stuff at all."


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So I'm guessing an Ohio team won something in 1978 and that's why you picked 1979 to start the comparison...?

I don't have a problem with people picking dates if they're an important shift in history.  For example, most people use 1936 as the start of the "modern era" in college sports because that's when the AP poll started.

Picking a random date to prove a point makes you look extremely biased.


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Ohio fans claim the modern era of football started in 1950. Football before that year was not football (except in 1942), but more a club sport with no real way of selecting the best team in the country. And if you really want to get technical, Ohio only recognizes 1951-1987 and 2001-2010 as countable years. Hmmm.... I wonder why that is?

On another note, for all the grief they give us about a split title in 1997 they sure won't ever discuss the following:

1942 title: AP Poll #1, Georgia #1 in all other polls. Ohio had 1 loss and didn't even go to a bowl game; Georgia won the Rose bowl

1954 title: Coaces Poll #2, AP Poll #1 shared with UCLA

1957 title: Coaches Poll #1, AP Poll #2 shared with Auburn

1961 title: Coaches Poll #2, AP Poll #2 finished behind Alabama in all polls

1970 title: Coaches Poll #2, AP Poll #5 finished behind Nebraska and Texas in all polls

Their only unanimous titles were in 1968 and 2002


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Cavs fans always irked me. As soon as Lebron showed up they all seemed to show up saying, " oh I am a huge Cavs fan, always have been." Then Lebron leaves and it is hard to find those Cavs now.

I am not a NBA fan at all so I don't have a rivals team grudge or anything. In fact, I think the Browns and Indian fans are some of the most loyal in all of sports.


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Lets see... OSU Football and Basketball... then what else do they have? The Reds? Cincy Football/Basketball i guess.  Maybe Ohio football this year, and Ohio basketball last year.


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Once the Lions went inside under their sissy dome, I had to look for teams who still played outside to root for, and the Browns are one of them. They're just as pathetic as the Lions, but they play outside where football is meant to be played.