OT: Soccer - USMNT vs Honduras CONCACAF Gold Cup Semi

Submitted by I Bleed Maize N Blue on July 24th, 2013 at 6:58 PM

The USMNT is in the CONCACAF Gold Cup semis, playing Honduras in Cowboys Stadium.

TV: Fox Soccer, 7PM EDT

Panama vs Mexico in the other semi at 10 PM.





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And now unconfirmed via Twitter by Grant Wahl:

I Bleed Maize N Blue

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Beasley got clipped at the heels.  As he was going down, another player ran into his side (kneed him?).  Klinsmann protested about the abuse his player was getting, possibly said something, certainly gesticulated about the ridiculousness, and the ref dismissed him.

I appreciate him standing up for his players, and the ref wasn't really on top of the game, but maybe he should have shown more restraint and not gotten sent off in the 87th minute and miss the final.


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Yeah, I'd say it was more than just the Beasley clip at the end, though. They seemed to be targeting Beasley, and maybe Holden and Torres, the whole night. There was an atrocious studs-up tackle on Beasley earlier in the second half that the ref didn't book the guy for. I'm not sure if he even called a foul. There was a string toward the end of the second half where Beasley drew two fouls within a minute. Then the double-whammy at the end that you mentioned. Just ridiculous. Some hits on Holden and Torres that went without cards were also egregious, and then the ref books EJ in the final minute or two for not giving ten yards? Give me a break. Really poor job by the ref and Klinsi was right to protest.

And while I won't say it's a non-factor, having your head coach not on the sidelines during a soccer match is not nearly as impactful as missing your head coach during a basketball game, for example.