OT: Soccer - USMNT vs Belize CONCACAF Gold Cup

Submitted by I Bleed Maize N Blue on July 9th, 2013 at 11:10 PM

Just under way, the USMNT opens the CONCACAF Gold Cup in Portland, OR vs Belize.  Group C also has Cuba and Costa Rica.





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I'm a very casual fan of the sport, definitely "green" when it comes to the history/information.  My question: the analysis and game threads for the WC qualifiers started well in advance.....this one started 2 minutes after kickoff - does the Gold Cup have any prestige or meaning behind it?  Any WC tie-in?  Or just a standalone tournament that is more for regional bragging rights?



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Thanks, that's helpful.  Is there any benefit to winning the tournament, besides what I'm guessing is a really big golden cup shaped trophy?  To a seasoned soccer fan like you seem to be, is this more like watching a minor league baseball game more to watch the prospects you've heard about and you really care very little about the results of the matches?


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The guy below touched upon the benefits.  I think our strong showing in the Confed cup before South Africa WC was very beneficial for our team. 

I don't know anything about baseball and minor league structure so it is hard to compare.

For me, I care about the results, but also care about the younger prospects that are getting time.

For example, I have been dying for Jurgen to give Joe Corona more time.  His tactical on the ball skills and vision is something that has been missing from this team.  This tournament also annoys me because the coaches are bound to make questionable call ups.  I would rather give younger prospects a chance rather than calling up someone like Onyewu. 


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It's the regional championship. Mexico and the US are by far the best teams and it's very likely they'll end up in the finals which takes a lot of drama out of the pool play. They have added relevance by making this years and the next Gold Cup winners play each other to go to the Confed Cup which is considered a great warm up for the World Cup. The US is using the tourney to run out the B team and determine back ups and gain experience and chemistry.


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Interesting, so there does seem to be a benefit to winning the Gold Cup.  Does Mexico treat this tourney the same way - using their "B" guys?  Do we call up the "A" team when pool play is finished (not sure this is allowed?!?)?  

So many questions, seems as if I picked a good night to ask them with relatively little interest in the outcome of USA/Belize it seems.  


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Mexico is also using a B squad, but that didn't seem to make them feel any better about losing to Panama last night. The US is allowed to call in players after the group stage, but only a certian (like 5-8 I think) number. This is an option Klinsmann has seemed to imply he will exercise, but hasn't mentioned who. Many EPL players are just beginning to report to thier clubs or enjoy the last of the very short offseason, so players like Jozy and Dempsey are almost certainly ruled out.


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Had any of you soccer fans seen this story - I ran across it while trying to better understand the Gold Cup.   Probably the most outrageous sports related story I've seen in a lifetime, makes "Malice at the Palace" seem like Sesame Street:

Brazilian referee beheaded by spectators after he fatally stabs player


I Bleed Maize N Blue

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Good start to the Gold Cup, nice to open with 130th ranked Belize.  Their goalie made some good saves, otherwise we would have had more than 6.

Too bad a good Portland crowd had such a weak opponent.

Up next is 82nd ranked Cuba in Sandy, UT, Saturday afternoon at 3:30PM ET on Fox.

T-town Wolv

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how well Holden and Donovon looked out on the field together. I also liked the play of Corona and Torres. Wondo obviously stole the night with the hat trick, finally. Back line was never tested completely. 


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Also not up on what's what with US Soccer, but if this was the US's B squad, why was Donovan out there? Has he lost his spot on the top team? I thought he was one of our best players.


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He took several months off, still not in top orm and might neer be the same. Plus he doesnt mesh well (playing style) with our other top players -- Dempsey, Bradley, Altidore. We no longer need him to win. bradley and Dempsey are out best field players. Zusi is becoming a playmaker too.


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To suggest otherwise would be foolish. He is one of our only players that gets the ball on the flanks or up top (when he is up there) and dribbles the ball at defenders. He has scored 5 WC goals, Confed cup finals goal, etc. He has for years performed on the highest stage with the US Men and when we needed it the most. He will be on the WC roster and should be a starter on one of the flanks.