Zvornik Bosna

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building something special at VCU, no doubt about it. By no means do I think he is a lifer but he'll have his pick of jobs in a couple of years. I think he is waiting for an elite blue blood to have a job opening and then he'll accept it for the challenge and not the money. 


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Let's see what happens the next few years.

Last year was special and this year they did fine though many thought they would go Sweet 16.

Brad Stevens and Shaka Smart are great coaches but could see a stock drop if their teams do not continue producing deep runs. It is nice to be like Xavier or Gonzaga as a mid major though.


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With no more "Shaka" "Smart" puns left for me to use, you could say I'm being punished for posting on this thread later?!?!  Get it? Huh? Huh?

Anyways, I want to say I'm surprised at this, but you don't sign an 8 year contract after taking a mid-major program to the final four (which makes you a hot coaching commidity) unless you're in it for the long haul.  Sucks for Illinois, but major win for VCU.


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I have to laugh considering this article from Herb Gould at the Chicago Sun Times on Monday. 

Source: Illinois determined to land Shaka Smart as next coach


Maybe Herb should have a better "source". Wonder if today's headline will read

Source: Shaka Smart determined not to take Illinois coaching job




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...for not leaving VCU. He's taking the Rams to places they haven't been, including the Final Four last year and at least staying competitive against Indiana in a 2nd round game this year, and I think the fans there are absolutely liking the possibility of making some noise from year to year, especially when you represent a conference that is not on the radar of many casual fans of the game. To do what Smart has done with what must be limited resources isn't easy, and I wouldn't blame him if he wanted to see the challenge through. That, and Illinois is a tire fire from a morale standpoint, it seems - it takes a lot to put out a tire fire. 

As for Illinois, was there a Plan B? I have to believe that they considered this possibility, because the  ESPN article only mentions that they contacted the head coach at Simeon Career Academy in Chicago. If Plan A was getting a successful mid-major coach and Plan B was trolling Chicagoland high schools, I would be somewhat worried about the future if I was a fan of the Illini.