OT for a slow summer - NBA Draft: What sayeth ye?

Submitted by Erik_in_Dayton on June 28th, 2012 at 4:31 PM

I can only assume that at least some of you are full-flush with NBA Draft Fever*.  Here are my non-expert thoughts:

There is Anthony Davis, and then there is everyone else.  I wouldn't trade Davis for the next ten picks in the draft.  I'm not totally convinced that he'll be a great player, but I'm convinced that he'll at least be very good, especially as an anchor to a defense.  His eyebrow alone will block a shot a game. 

After Davis, I'd take...ugh.  Robinson is solid.  I think he'll solidly be solid.  He'll rebound solidly - maybe even better than that - and he'll be a solid scorer.  What I'm trying to say is that I think he'll be solid.  And I went to Kansas, so I have nothing against the guy.

I like Kidd-Gilchrist the best after Davis.  He's a hard-nosed player and a leader, as far as I've seen, so I don't think he'll let his potential go to waste.  He doesn't strike me as a future superstar, but I think he'll be a guy who can help turn your team into a winner (Luol Deng comes to mind as an example of the kind of player I'm thinking of). 

I don't understand the apparent love of the kid from Florida, Bradley Beal.  He's 6'4", and he shot 32% (or something like that) from three. 

Barnes was a guy for me who I liked less and less the more I watched him.  He's very talented, but he just doesn't put it all together.   He seems to force the action at times and then disappear at others.  He also floundered against Kansas when UNC needed him the most.  I don't hold that last point against him too much, but you should do better than that if you want to be a top 5 pick in the draft.

Anyway, I do not pretend that I have accurately assessed the above players or predicted the future.  I am not capable of predicting the future when it comes to the NBA*.  So, what do you think?  Who do you want your team to draft? 








*The cure: avocados, xanax, and the love of a good woman. 

*Harness racing is another matter.



June 28th, 2012 at 5:48 PM ^

Getting rid of Ben Gordon's contract doesn't do anything for the Pistons by itself.  Dumars has proven he doesn't spend money wisely.  Your assumption is that will change, I take it?

Secondly, the Ben Gordon contract was going to get rid of itself.  It was going to expire at the end of next season and more importantly, as an expiring contract, was probably an asset next year that could be moved for a pick or young player. 

Thirdly, your ignoring Corey Maggette's bad contract.  They swapped an awful contract for a less awful one and gave up a first round pick to do it.  To make this worthwhile the money has to be spent on something worth more than a 1st round pick.  Unlikely, IMO.

The Pistons dumped Afflalo to sign Gordon then dumped a 1st round pick to dump Gordon so that they can afford to keep paying Stuckey...or save their owner money...or something.

The Pistons are very likely to still be a lottery team team next year AND the year after that.  Charlottes going to get a good pick out of this and actually, they'll probably get a second when they flip Gordon next season.

Dumars got absolutely fleeced, but it's unlikely to haunt him because he'll probably be fired by the time the pick is used.



June 28th, 2012 at 6:00 PM ^

Ben Gordon has two years left, including a player option that he is virtually guaranteed to exercise.  

Maggette's a free agent a year from now.  That's not a bad contract to have at all.  Whether they make good use of that money a year from now is another question, but having him on the books for one year is fine.


June 28th, 2012 at 6:08 PM ^

The difference between Gordon and Maggette is one year.  Maggette is a free agent in a year, Gordon (after he opts in) in two.

I agree that Maggette is not a bad contract to have for a rebuilding team - but the exact same thing applies to Gordon in a year.

We gave up a 1st round pick because we're in a hurry.  A hurry for what?  This team is still very far from contending.  There's no reason to give up 1st rounders in an effort to speed up the rebuild job that Joe has been desperatly trying to avoid for many years.


June 28th, 2012 at 6:31 PM ^

Benefits to the trade:

-It gets rid of a guy who not only had a big contract but didn't seem to want to be here.  When you're rebuilding, the last thing you want to have is a disgruntled vet around to poison the locker room. 

-It opens up room in the rotation.  Gordon, when healthy, was eating up a lot of minutes while not really producing.  If no one's around to replace his 12.5 ppg, that's fine - they'll be worse and increase their odds of a better draft pick in 2013.

-It gives Dumars a lot more roster flexibility right now.  Maggette is a tradeable commodity.  Dumars could recoup the pick in a midseason trade, or maybe get some other quality player in return.  

-That flexibility might allow Dumars to make the kind of move that gets the fans excited again. They weren't fired up about the prospect of two more years of Ben Gordon.  It also gives him a chance to make a positive impression on his new boss, if he can play his cards right.




June 28th, 2012 at 6:55 PM ^

OK, I grant you that Gordon wasn't helping the team this year and may even be a (mild case) of addition by subtraction.  He never struck me as a locker room problem though - certainly saying he was 'poison' was an exaggeration.  He seems like a professional.  Don't see why his big contract would make him more unhappy.

Rotation - the Pistons didn't have to play Gordon if they didn't want to.  To this point (and the above one) - they could have just released him and solved these problems, thereby keeping the 1st round pick.

'Roster flexibility' - what a crock.  This 'flexibility' excuse is the same reason Aaron Afflalo was given away for nothing.  It's the equivalent of me skipping my healthy home cooked dinner to 'keep my options open' then scarf down some Doritos... 

Maggette is less of a trade chip than Gordon will be next year.  Gordon is a floor spacer and instant offense off the bench.  He won in college and helped elevate the bulls.  Maggette is a ball hog and has never been on an even half-decent team.  Nobody is giving anything up for maggete, certainly not a 1st round pick with relatively weak protection.  Neither player is good, but a lot of teams value shooting - not many teams want an aging scorer reliant on lots of foul calls to score.

Fan excitement - by that logic Mateen Cleeves was a good draft pick.  Fans will be excited when this team wins.  Giving up 1st rounders and getting Corey Maggette don't help with winning.




June 28th, 2012 at 6:12 PM ^

I'm still going to be a Pistons fan then.  The Pistons will still be rebuilding at that point and that job will be harder without a 1st round pick.

All this move does is buy Joe a little more time - one more opportunity to show that he can sign make this team better through free agency, even though he hasn't done it since signing Chauncey Billups a decade ago (or maybe McDyess, though his value relative to Okur is debatable).


June 28th, 2012 at 6:43 PM ^

No offense but there's so much wrong with this post. This isn't football, there are 5 players on the court at one time. One high draft pick can completely turn your franchise around. Pistons have to bottom out before they can succeed at an elite level.

I don't care about being the 7th or 8th seed in the playoffs and being bounced in the 1st round. The worse thing is to be in the middle. You have two solid pieces to build around right now in Knight and Monroe. Get rid of the older, expensive contracts and go young (see: OKC)


June 28th, 2012 at 6:58 PM ^

I agree with everything you wrote.  My concern is that the Pistons gave up a 1st round pick - which is exactly what you are saying can turn around your franchise.

I think where we disagree is that you view this as a 'protected' asset.  But the protection is similar to what turned Otis Thorpe into a top 5 pick in the draft that yielded Carmelo, Wade, and Bosh.  Yes, we all know Dumars screwed that pick up but he easily could have ended up in the 3 or 4 spot and taken one of those other guys.


June 28th, 2012 at 4:45 PM ^

For the Pistons, I don't want John Henson cause I think he's a douchebag (on account of he could've played for Duke with his acting skills, among other reasons) but I'm resigned to the idea that he brings what the Pistons need.

My dream scenario of course is that the Pistons draft Mike Scott in the second round.  A little undersized for the four and a little slow for the three, so he's probably not a starter in the league, but then again, rangy-shooting big men with a GIMME REBOUNDS mentality have a way of carving out a career.


June 28th, 2012 at 4:46 PM ^

The Pistons are in a tough place. They won't be able to trade up to grab Davis, Beal, or MKG. Drummond won't fall far enough to them at 9.

I am guessing we are gonna pick up a big, tall stiff and he won't pan out. I see some pundits saying we will take John Henson, who I think will be a major bust and will be cast down to the NBDL.

It should be entertaining overall, though. Sounds like there are going to be a lot of trades.


June 28th, 2012 at 6:04 PM ^

The target year is not next year.  I know Dumars has said they will competitive next year, bt they are at least one year away.  Having Megette's contract come off the books next year (or trading for someone worth wile at the deadline this coming year), I don't see them using the amnesty on Charlie V's contract until a year from now.

Drummond may be an offensive project, but his upside is so great and he can still block shot, get garbage minutes, and play defense while he learns.  He completements Monroe so well.  


June 28th, 2012 at 6:22 PM ^

But the Gordon trade indicates Dumars thinks they'll be a playoff team by 2013-14.  Drummond may take longer than 2 or 3 years to be good. Garbage minutes don't do you much good when you're trying to build towards a playoff team.

I'd love for the Pistons to take Drummond, and I agree he's a great fit - but I don't think Dumars is going to go that way (even if he can)


June 28th, 2012 at 5:14 PM ^

Monroe isn't a rim protector but he's a decent post defender and today's bigs need to be able to space the floor an defend ball screens in space on D. Is kg a center? Is Chris bosh? Cuz they sure as heck played the spot this year. Kendrick Perkins is a "center" and he was the demise is the thunder(part of it) as Scott brooks held on to his lineups too long


June 28th, 2012 at 5:20 PM ^

Brooks did use Perkins too much, but a)he was hurt and b) that's on Brooks for not recognizing the matchup.

Perkins is a good role player, but he's a 6'9 banger not a "center" in the traditional sense.  Garnett and Bosh are great players, overall.  It just so happened that neither team this year had a low post scorer or true center, but the Lakers, Spurs, Mavs, and Magic have gotten to the finals with big frontlines in recent years.  Size still matters a great deal, but talent is more important obviously.

Monroe's not a great defender and the Pistons would benefit from someone beside him who can block shots. Henson's a good fit because Monroe can handle the thicker guys and Henson can handle the longer ones.


June 28th, 2012 at 4:52 PM ^

Should be a fun trade-related day that's for sure. Will Houston get Dwight? Will he stay? Who else is dealing? What absolutely bone-headed move will happen that we can make fun of for the next 10 years?


June 28th, 2012 at 4:56 PM ^

Is working to get my power back on so I can WATCH the Draft.

But my dream scenario is Drummond drops to te Pistons, my meh scenario is Henson just adding bodies, and my next great Piston draft blunder is your pick of the tall white guys who are called "athletic, for a white guy."


June 28th, 2012 at 4:58 PM ^

I pray that Drummond falls which could happen if the Blazers take Lilliard, the biggest hurdle after that is Golden State and theyve taken bigs the last 2 years so we will see.


June 28th, 2012 at 5:03 PM ^

Henson is mobile and longer than either Drummond or Davis.  He'll be a shot-blocking complement to Monroe and wouldn't need the ball in his hands too much on offense.  The concerns about weight are overstated - Garnett, Camby, Kirilenko - these guys were good versatile defensive players that got it done.

Henson will bulk up a bit and develop his skill set.  He won't ever be an all-star, but he can be an impact defender.  The Pistons need a guy like that in their rebuilding effort.

Mr. Rager

June 28th, 2012 at 6:51 PM ^

With all due respect to you, Mr. Omar - If you think Drummond will make something of himself in the NBA, please point to someone like him (e.g., physical freak but no motor) in college that someday did succeed in the NBA.  

And you can't compare him to guys that made it straight out of high school because all of the freaks who made it (e.g., Howard, Josh Smith) were good their rookie years (aka Drummond's freshman year of college - when he sucked).