OT: Slippery Rock Football vs Kutztown (Photos!)

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Things on the board have been less than perfect recently, so here's something to take your mind off things! I had the priviledge to photograph a Slippery Rock football game back in September during Michigan's bye-week (yeah, these are 4 months old, but I just recently got a new computer/time/patience to go through them). I know a lot of you have never actually seen a Slippery Rock game so I thought I'd share some photos with you. I would encourage all Michigan fans to make the trip to see a game at least once. It's a lot of fun! And only a 4 hour drive from Ann Arbor. You may remember some of these photos from a story the Daily ran in October. Here's my complete album.

Photos are below in this thread, here's a link to the complete thing:


(I don't have a website, only a facebook page. The website in my watermark is my friend's website that I shoot for during Airshow season). In case the photos don't show up, here's a link to my page, which I'll be posting Michigan hockey, basketball, women's basketball, field hockey, and probably a couple other sports soon(ish) on:


Slippery Rock lost 49-56, unfortunately. It was still a fun time. I know a few people who didn't think Slippery Rock was actually real. See for yourself!



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I tend to think of them more as a little brother (NTLB!).  You know, the third-born child.  One without a chip on his shoulder like the second-born who is always trying to be better than the oldest.  The third-born is always a free spirit that seems to respect and look up to the oldest brother.  And the oldest always has an extra special place in his heart for the youngest brother.  Or so it seems anyway.



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Most of you are to young to remember this, but Slippery Rock played at Michigan Stadium in 1979. I was at the game, though there was a second division II game played there as well right around that time, so I may be confused . Maybe against Ball State or Shippensburg. I think it was the largest attendance for a Division II game ever.


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Thanks.  DB did say that SR is in "negotiations" to play at the Big House.  I hope it happens, just as long as the start time doesnt interfere with our start time while on the road.  How cool would that be to tailgate on theh GC, watch us play on the road, then walk to the stadium for a SR game!!

Nice pics of Oshkosh too.  I dont see any from the air.  I would like to see a picture of the groundswhile on final to 27 at Whittman.  The largest air show on the planet.


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Thank you! One of the better shots to turn out of a pretty crappy day of weather. This was from the Fort Wayne airshow last year where the Raptor gave a demo in the rain. I'll probably be posting the Fort Wayne album in the near future, but in the meantime, if you're on Facebook, feel free to give the 'Like' button on my page a little lovin' ;)


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I run through the mid-west airsow circuit, so I don't get out East much. But I have a few friends that do. Here's a link to the U.S. and Canada shows for 2013:


Notable shows near you would be the Coastal Carolina show in April and definitely the Virginia Beach show at the end of May. Also NAS Oceana in Virginia. I've always wanted to go down to that one.

Here's my friend's website that I shoot for. He has some pictures from Oceana in 2011 (and a ton of other shows):


And also his online magazine (it's free!):


If you're into aviation, then there's definitely some good stuff there worth checking out.