OT: Sirius XM Stations?

Submitted by dahblue on December 12th, 2010 at 7:01 PM

My new car comes with Sirius/XM radio and there seem to be a bunch of sports stations (and a bunch of stations without description).  Does anyone know if there are stations that concentrate primarily on Big Ten sports?  Michigan sports?  Any other sports stations of note?

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Each day, before coverage starts, hit on one of the XM stations on Sirius (like 220) and they will give you all the times and channels for all the games that will be available on radio that day from NHL to NBA to CBB to CFB to NFL to whatever.....

Coverage of Michigan sports events varies from sport to sport and from when the game is on and against whom they play. 


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I live in the Northwest and have XM in my car. While there are usually Big Ten sports channels available, Michigan football and basketball games are seldom available. Apparently, an additional subscription to "Best of Sirius" would be required to access those channels.

So, depending on where you live and what your subscription package is, you may or may not have access to Michigan games on Sirius/XM.


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I live in Ohio and have gotten every Michigan football and basketball game although sometimes you get the other team's broadcasting feed which is actually pretty funny.  I was taking a long drive this year and listened to the entire Purdue game via the Purdue perspective.  Man, you want to talk about crying......it was epic.


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Imagine a Shakesperian play in four acts.   With lots of bitching about both the refs and the Purdue play calling mixed in for good measure.  And then you had the local ads featuring Danny Hope pimping a new fertilizer or seeds or something.   It was great.


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Have you checked out this page: http://www.sirius.com/collegesports?

It includes what's below, among other things.

SIRIUS|XM College Sports Nation
SIRIUS|XM Sports Nation is now SIRIUS|XM College Sports Nation to showcase the best college games and 24/7 college sports talk. And with hosts that include college insiders like former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach, Heisman trophy winners Eddie George and Eric Crouch, plus a full lineup of college coaches shows, SIRIUS|XM College Sports Nation is your campus connection anywhere in the country.

Listen on SIRIUS Ch. 122 and XM Ch. 143.

Go Blue Eyes

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Heard the Purdue game while driving in San Diego on Sirius before I got to Pacific Beach to watch it from a local bar.  It was pretty cool to listen to Frank Beckman while driving down Grand towards the beach.  Nothing beats (except being at MIchigan Stadium) watching a game from San Diego at 9AM.


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If you subscribe to XM, you cannot get the "Michigan channel" with the XM Everything package.... you must have the XM Everything Plus the Best of Sirius package, which is, of course, more expensive.  HOWEVER...  if your subscription is with Sirius, you're all set... you should be able to get the Michigan channel. (I found this out the hard way... I have XM and was not happy to make this discovery.)  MGoBlue.com usually will say what channel is being used for any given game.

Mind you, both services have many other sports channels that you might find Michigan games being broadcast on...   XM has channels 196-198 dedicated to Big Ten sports.  There are also a couple ESPN channels, etc.  ... but if you can't get the designated channel for Michigan, you might end up listening to opponent announcers.


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No, you will have to check with mgoblue.com to find the specific stations that broadcast Big Ten games. I have sirius in my ford focus and I find the majority of Big Ten around 120-140 range.