OT: Shit...what do we do now?

Submitted by pdxwolve on February 3rd, 2010 at 11:51 PM

Is it too early to start thinking about 2011?



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You're kidding, right? This is the blogosphere!

Put these SoFLA recruits on the board:

Kelvin Benjamin
6′6″ 215 WR Glades Central: Benjamin continues to progress each time he steps on the field. His speed, athleticism, routes and hands have all seen improvements over the course of the year. Benjamin’s size not only provides a huge target for quarterbacks, but also makes it difficult for defenders to bring him down.

Bryant Dubose
6′4″ 235 DE Northeast: Dubose is a solid pass rusher along with being good against the run. He has a great build and moves well for a defensive lineman.

Tacoi Sumler
5′8″ 160 WR Gulliver Prep: Sumler is an explosive athlete that excels as a slot receiver and in the return game. He is small in stature, but there is no denying his speed on the field.


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Now you wait until Brian unveils mgotailgate v2.0 for the spring game.

then, spring game

then, 5000 threads on how Denard, Gardner, and/or Jones might be the starting QB in the fall.

then, panic as RichRod makes an offhand comment like "Nick Sheridan has looked good in practice, he has a shot at starting against UCONN"

repeat this cycle 4-5x, and we'll have made it until summer practices start.

turbo cool

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Think about possible depth charts. Analyze the potential outcomes of every game on the 2010 schedule. Research 2011 recruits. Or, have a normal life outside of the internet. Wait, what?


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We'll need a bunch of OL, linebackers and DL. Also, another spread QB who will red shirt to be groomed to take over for Gardner, that is after Gardner takes over from Tate in 20 during the 2013 season. I do like the depth RR is building on defense!


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I'd start checking on what people think of future years of recruiting. I found this amazing site that you guys probably haven't heard of called the "WLA". Yeah, they seem to be so good at recruiting that they can project recruits (accurately I might add) out to 2029. But, maybe you should just start with the 2011 class here.

Seriously though, it's never to early to start thinking about the upcoming recruiting class. As an aside, it's ALWAYS too early to think about the class two classes after the coming on... that's just weird. The class between those two years are fine though.


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I can't seem to be able to create a new topic so i'm just going to reply and ask my question here, but i heard that the early enrollees had a press conference today after rich rods and I was just wondering if there was anywhere that I could watch that or if I could read what the recruits had to say. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kinda new to posting on mgoblog. thanks.