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and some of the backdrop to the Seattle cornerback's post-game comments yesterday:


I don't think that Sherman came off well in the event. But--apropos of the thuggery accusations--it's interesting to see that he reportedly refused to be drawn into a fight with Crabtree and (apparently) settled the issue on the field. If all is as alleged, I can see why he might have felt a little wild in the aftermath. 

EDIT: Just to add a little fuel to the fire, note that he has a history with Tom Brady, and his twitter comment to Crabtree: 


Someone might want to point out that he DID concern himself with the "sheep;" that's what unleashed this whirlwind. At this stage his agent is probably begging him to give it a rest. 


1 percent

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'Dobt judge a person on what they do between the lines"

Okay, what about afterwards when you're in a suit and tie answering questions during a post game press conference?

At first I didn't have too much of a problem with what he said, but in the end I think he was and is a douche.

atom evolootion

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Herschel walker... Chemically unbalanced hulk beast who doesn't know who he is half the time and could destroy me in minutes, though I'm a few inches taller than him, about forty pounds heavier and quite a few years younger. Talk about odd wiring in superb athletes!


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Who the fuck WOULDN'T be jacked after making a championship play against "the greatest pass catcher of all time" to send your team to the Super Bowl.  Especially when said pass catcher has been a douche to you personally for the last 8 months?


People are just seeing those 30 seconds without context, being all high and mighty, and rushing to conclusions.


If you could've done what Sherman did in that exactly situation, I'd be impressed if you managed to just avoid cussing on national TV.  For the record, Sherman didn't break any FCC rules - was just excited, amped, and happy to have exacted to some revenge.


Don't hate the man for saying some real shit for once.


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I'm not hating on him at all. I use the term "crazy" loosely. Just in the sense that he gets a little more instense/oustpoken than others in situations when the juices are flowing.

But there are plenty of athletes that act in a different manner in similar situations. And there are plenty of athletes that act the same.


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What I'm saying is you don't know what Crabtree told him in the month preceeding, whether it was something personal, about his family etc.


I mean if people don't like his style, that's one thing.  But he didn't really break any rules, didn't make anything up.  He just spoke his mind.  Respect the man for at least having the balls to do that instead of hiding behind cliches.  Don't denigrate him for being different, outspoken, bold, honest, or black.  Most of the criticism and vitriol being flung at Sherman is rooted in these reason's I've just stated - not for not being "sportsmanlike".


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Sorry, but these defenses of Sherman are ridiculous. If the excuse for Shermans behavior (not just the interview, but his taunting and ass smacking after a 40 yard run after a defeated opponent) is that Crabtree talked shit, or started a fight earlier....then what is the excuse for his rant at Tom Brady? I suppose Tom Brady was talking major trash the entire game? Bullshit. And all of the excuses are bullshit. The man is an ass who happens to be good at football, which still makes him an ass.


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That's just the Adderol talking. Sherman didnt get suspended like his partner Browner cuz I believe he had a Dr's Rx for it to help him get through Stanford. Why he's still testing positive for it a few years down the road, I don't know. But I guess it can make you "act crazy" and even talk "real shit"


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Oh you mean Adderall?


The reason why Sherman didn't get suspended (like Browner did) is because of improper handling of the sample.  The cup was cracked, and so the sample was tainted.


And he hasn't tested positive since has he?  Seems like he's been clean too, especially since you can be sure that the NFL is testing him like gangbusters.


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"People are just seeing those 30 seconds without context, being all high and mighty, and rushing to conclusions."


Nah - I'm seeing it with context.


I see him acting like an ass, with the context of repeatedly having done so in the past.


It isn't like this is his first time doing something like this.


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Besides sounding unhinged in the interview, I didn't have a problem with it. I had a bigger problem with him walking up to Crabtree after the interception to talk shit.

You just won the game and are headed to the Super Bowl. Wouldn't you rather enjoy and celebrate than act like a big swinging dick? I was half hoping Crabtree would deck him for being such an ass.


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I haven't seen or heard anything that could get him legitimately labeled as a thug. I don't know what he's saying to opponents on the field or his actions off the field and those are the things that might make him a thug. But we don't know any of that stuff, so what can we even say about him? I don't think any of us would have labeled Aaron Hernandez a thus based on what we could see on the football field, but once his off the field life was exposed, it was obvious he was a thug.


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Actually they apparently do let just anyone in there if they are an athlete. If you look up Sherman's recruiting profile on Rivals or Scout his SAT was less than 1000. I doubt if anyone gets in with that bad of a score if they aren't an athlete. I don't know if affirmative action can even make up for that bad of a score. Also, I would imagine his major was something like communications, kinesiology or general studies.


January 20th, 2014 at 11:38 PM ^

Actually, his SAT was below 1000 as reported by both Rivals and Scout. Scout also reports a retake of 1060. He comes from a joke HS, hence the inflated GPA. Also, his major at Stanford was communications, not exactly impressive. He might be smart for a football player, but he is still a football player and never even would have been considered for admission to Stanford on academic merits alone.


no joke its hoke

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I just think its ridiculous seeing fans jumping on this guy when every team in the NFL has a couple guys like this on their team. and don't act like you don't want Sherman on whatever team you root for.