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So after a quiet couple of weeks since the beginning of NHL free agency, Shea Weber (RFA) signs an offer sheet with the Flyers for 14/$110 which appears to be mostly based on signing bonuses.  Can someone with more knowledge explain how that would impact the cap? Think Nashville would match.  My opinion, in the words of Kanye, is that shit cray.  Has anyone been following the new CBA negotiations? I was reading that they're trying to limit contract length to 5 years in the new CBA.  As a Wings' fan (NHL fan in general too), this kinda sucks since it dries up the FA market.  Potential 2013 FAs look to be slim as well.  I also can't help but laugh as I watch Nashville get dismantled.  I've hated the Preds for the past 5 seasons or so. 



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The cap hit is 7.9 million.  It's a high salary for the first few years with a tapered off salary as the contract goes on. 

I think it would be a poor move for Nashville not to match.  The four first round picks they would receive by not maching aren't worth much in the short term (they'll probably all be in the 20-30 range), and maybe not even much in the long term.  The cap hit isn't unreasonable at all for Weber.  This could facilitate a trade, but if I'm Nashville I'm starting at least with the two Schenn's + 2-3 first rounders, and probably another roster player. 

Even then, Weber is the face of your franchise.  What message do you send to your team if you lose your top two defensemen in free agency.  Moreover, if Nashville matches then Weber--their franchise player--will be a predator for the rest of his career.  Even if it means a bit more up front money, the benefits to not having a repeat of the Suter situation have to outweigh that. 


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the Wings should just concentrate on developing players in Grand Rapids since they appear to have little shot getting big name free agents who aren't at or near the end of their careers.


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At 7.9 million a year I would be stunned if Nashville didn't match.  Philly would have been better off waiting until next year.


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If there is another lockout Gary Bettman should never associate himself with the sport of hockey ever again. I have faith that they will figure it out because the players and owners know that nobody wins when that happens and any credibility that the NHL has won back no matter how big or little the gain would be lost and probably impossible to gain back.

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It screws Nashville because much of the cap hit is tied up in bonuses.  The contract has bonuses of $13 million the first two years, with a salary of $1 million... so, in the first two years, Nashville will have to find $28 million for Weber's services. It's a lot for a small market team.  Soooo, yeah, smart move by Philly.  Really puts the pressure on Nashville.  Oh, and if Nashville matches, they can't trade Weber until the end of next season, per the CBA, so they will have to pay ~ $27 million for one year of his services prior to trading him.  It's rough for the Preds.


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I would be willing to chop my leg off if there isn't a lockout. It's just a matter of how long the lockout is, personally I'm hoping we have hockey back by December. One missed month wouldn't be too bad