OT: Serious question re medical marijuana

Submitted by yossarians tree on April 20th, 2017 at 1:48 PM

I see the usual whimsical 4/20 thread is underway, but I thought I'd take the occasion to inquire if anyone has any knowledge of medical marijuana's effectiveness specifically regarding depression. A person dear to me suffers from this affliction and is growing weary of her pharmaceutical options, especially since the answer from her doctors has seemed to be "throw something against the wall and see if it sticks."

She's never been a pothead but she has tried med. marijuana in candy form and it seems to work for anxiety (she doesn't like Xanax). It's my understanding that the modern lab-produced pot comes in a wide array of varieties that produce different results (i.e. pain control with clear head, calm mind with no physical change, etc.). Any inights you can provide would be greatly appreciated.




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I know nothing about medical marijuana, but I read your whole post and love how you ended it with a personalized signature "Yossarian." This way, we all know it's you who really wrote it, Mr. Y. Tree... ;-) 


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I beg to differ. It has helped me immensely. More than any pharmaceutical I've been prescribed in my life, but then again I suppose that you think I don't have "actual" depression.


Monocle Smile

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Depression describes a range of medical issues, some require pharmaceutical treatment, some don't. This is my unprofessional opinion as someone who struggles with depression.

Has she consulted a psychiatrist? I have a hard time believing that multiple doctors would be so useless and flippant as you portray.


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There are several strains that treat depression well. I believe they are typically sativa's and/or hybrids, so that the patient is more energetic and happy. It's worth a shot. 

If they don't like it or makes them feel worse, then just stop immediately. 

The Mad Hatter

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Indica strains are better for anxiety, but every strain is different for every person, so there will be a lot of trial and error.

Also, for severe depression, ketamine infusions (and low dose maintenance ketamine) is a literal lifesaver.  They're around $600 a pop, but still cheaper than a stay in the loony bin.

Both weed and K have helped my wife immensely.  Saved my marriage.

Go Blue in NC

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Not sure about medical marijuana but once pharma options are exhausted, many people find significant relief with ECT (electroconvulsive therapy). Perhaps examining those options with a psychiatrist might be helpful.

Chalky White

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This is true. A coworker's wife called him at work. She told him that she had just swallowed a bunch of pills. They saved her before she was able to do serious harm. The only thing that worked was shock therapy. She has no short term memory but she also isn't suffering from depression anymore. She has no recolection of being depressed or any memory of anything they went through last summer when she was suicidal.


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I am not a doctor and can't make recommendations on MMJ but I will say that, for many people, diet and exercise changes plus sunlight exposure can make a world of difference.



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I take it at night maybe an hour or two before I go to sleep.  I find that I have an overall sense of improved well being, even the next day when it has worn off.  It also makes it easy to fall asleep, which really helps with insomnia.  

Weed affects everyone differently.  Furthermore, some strains are better for certain ailments than others.  If you live in Michigan, you won't be able to get a mmj recommendation for depression.  That will make it more difficult to find a strain that your lady friend likes.  

There's little risk to trying it out.  I've been using it nearly every night for over a year and I found that it's easier to stop using than the coffee I drink every morning.  The real risk is getting caught for possession.  


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Unless it leads this individual to suicidal ideation and they take their life. As you said, "weed affects everyone differently". It has not affected you negatively, but tread carefully when dealing with those who are depressed as it can lead to very bad things. Whatever this person elects, they should be closely monitored (this is for any substance/medication, I'm not singling out marijuana).

Stephen Y

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I have a buddy who's a veteran that was suffering from PTSD.  After going through the gambit of drugs, a nutritionist told him to take Tyrosine (amino acid) and P5P (a form of B vitamin) in the morning, and Tryptophan (amino acid) at night before bed.  He said it worked better than any medication he tried.  The science behind it is that Tyrosine will aid in the synthesis of dopamine, while Tryptophan will aid in the synthesis of seritonin.  Ask your friend to do a google search on the combo of these supplements.  There are quite a few forum discussions on the topic.  Hope this helps.

Dan Man

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I would be cautious about using marijuana for depression.  Regular marijuana use frequently results in lack of motivation, listlessness, etc., which would only make matters worse.  I have a cousin who has tried every substance under the sun - including regular marijuana use - for anxiety and depression, and she has continued to get worse over the years.  From my perspective, she would be better off trying to maintain as clear a head as possible, and battling the illness through therapy and self-exploration.  I know that sometimes depression is caused by chemical/hormone imbalances - which I wouldn't have a clue as to how it should be treated - but from my perspective depression more frequently results from mistakes in lifestyle choices.

Dan Man

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By "lifestyle choices," I mean things like eating right, exercising, getting enough sun, not having a life that revolves around social media, spending enough time with friends and family, not having superficial values, etc.  Far too many people want to fix their problems with a pill.  If that mind set is old-fashioned, oh well...

Wolverine fan …

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To start, there are many differences from one strain/type of cannabis plant/product to the next, and chemical makeup of the products available make it hard to say what will work and what won't. It's likely to be a trial and error process, but unlike the prescribed drugs, this will be 100% safe and 99% enjoyable.

Basically, there are 2 types of marijuana, indica and sativa, both containing cannabinoids, mainly CBD and THC. Indicas contain higher amounts of CBD, which gives the user a body high and is known for its "couch-lock" effect. Indicas also contain THC, just less than Sativas. Sativas contains very little CBD and is mostly THC, which is known for mood enhancement. If I were recommending something to your friend, I would say start with a moderate-strength (THC % wise) sativa flower, or bud, and a vape pen. It could change your friend's life in a way that many people in this country can't begin to understand.

Hope your friend lives in a legal state!


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I would never come close to being anti-vaccine. That whole movement is for retards who can't read or think for themselves. They probably paint with their own shit too.

I do believe that pills are over prescribed in our country. Doctor's are irresponsible in the amount they prescribe and it helps contribute to our country's pillhead problem.