OT: Sending a signal beam out to M.Sorich

Submitted by BernardC on February 7th, 2018 at 5:03 PM
Are you out there?


The Baughz

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Well I don’t know wtf this means but I guess I’ll thread jack here and let you know about Harbaugh’s presser he just had. This all according to Baumgardner on Twitter. Harbaugh is planning on taking the team to France, he expects no more staff departures and pretty much Enos fucked him over.


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Don't give in to peer pressure.

First it starts with a little "rationality". Just a small hit, and the first ones free. Then, you go back for a little more. Then you write a song about how "I used to do a little, but the little wasn't doing, so the little got more and more." You become a fan of Mr Brownstone.

Basically son, logic makes you a drug addict. Choose the [insert political party you hate] way instead.


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1) I will always support a coach trying to actually educate their players in college. Despite all the video clips we saw of the team having fun in Italy, there is an educational aspect for these kids to see a part of the world they may never have had a chance to see.
2) In a sport where other teams flat out pay players to sign with their school, this is one way to legally differentiate Michigan from other schools on the recruiting trail. I’m all for that.
3) These have the potential to be a great way to build team unity and chemistry which could help pay off in the win column.
In short, saying these trips are the reason the team did not play well is dumb.


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Along with "Trading College Players", "WTF is Jabrill doing in EL?" and "The disappointment is almost worth it" from today.  I also added "MGoCamping Trip" to the list but that one may be debatable.

I'm Batman

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I also have posted my Craigslist missed connections post on the wrong site before. i suggest only keeping one window open at a time to avoid such mistakes in the future.

I'm Batman

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I also have double posted on MGoBlog before. I used to think it was a devious plot by Two-Face, but now i realize my impatient ass just hits the button too much.